Chapter 25 Teaser

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Also, a warning, the next few chapters will all be fights, so it will have many cliffhangers

Chapter 25: An overnight Reversal

Xing Yang was very puzzled.

“Big brother Suyun, why was he doing this? I did no injustice to him…yet…yet why he was looking for trouble?”

“What did you do wrong? You are a complete fool!”

Xin Yue angrily said: “ Sunanye’s cultivation is high, so he is more sensitive to the criticisms than an average disciple. With his short temper and his personality. He never accepted that Qiange was better than him. He must have heard the words that you uttered. How can he not be angry? Fortunately, big brother Suyun helped you apologize this time. Otherwise, the consequences would have certainly been more serious!”

After Xin Yue finished, she glanced at Suyun with a face full of gratitude. For the previous situation, she also stood behind and did not witness anything abnormal. She just thought that Suyun’s apology was accepted because he had been in the inner sect before, so Sunanye left.

However, Xing Yang remained dumbfounded, because he did not even notice the lightning fast events that had just occurred.

“Xing Yang, outside of your home, you can say many things. However, you cannot just blabber anything you want. The elites of this tournaments have very high cultivation and they usually are tolerant to petty conversations. Nonetheless, if you manage to anger their heart, you could be doomed. Sunanye has a spirit novice cultivation of stage ten, so you could not even be considered as an opponent. I hope his next opponent does not fight him, otherwise, their chances of entering the inner sect would disappear.

Suyun said carefully.

Xing Yang and Xin Yue nodded their heads in agreement.

“Come on, let’s strive to enter the inner sect.” Seeing the two becoming a little nervous, Suyun decided to comfort them.


At this point, Suyun’s hands suddenly lit up and the crimson glow illuminated him.

“Big brother Suyun, it’s your turn!”

Xin Yue was ecstatic.

“Ah!” Suyun nodded, turned his eyes away and headed to leave.

“You can do it!” The Yue and Yang siblings encouraged.

“Just give me a moment!”

One light response floated back.


“Number: 807 contestant is done Number: 998 contestant vs. number: 173 contestant.”

The judge called out loudly.

Soon after, the two figures arrived at the front desk.

“Look. Look. Isn’t that Suyun?”

“Suyun? The trash that was kicked out from the inner sect?”
“That’s him!”

“Who is his lucky opponent, to actually meet this type of person? It isn’t really a fight anymore, right?”


to be continued…


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