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Chapter 24: Who is Second? Who is First?

Everyone began to move towards the central field.

The inner sect disciples all began to stand up from the seating area.

Suddenly, a large green-blue light erupted from the square. Then, in the light, bricks began to form a giant, centralized stone square rapidly. In a few moments, with little effort, it seemed that the tournament stone arena had been created.

There were close to three hundred individual disciples crowded around the front desk for the tournament.

After all, nearly ten thousand disciples were participating in this tournament. It would take quite some time to screen out the disciples within three days, so half of the players would have a duel at the same time.

“Everyone, please back away from the front desk by five meters.”

At this moment, a man who was in charge of maintaining order stood up and, with his muscular figure, tried to organize the crowd. His face was covered.

As the outer sect disciples began to straighten themselves out, the inner sect elders began to slowly come out. The front desk area area soon became an open space.

“Next, we have your fellow soldiers from within the Inner Sect of the Su Family.”

“There is the grand elder of the Inner Sect, Elder Su Bai.”


The person chanted each name over and over again. Then, another group of people who were dressed luxuriously came from the corner of the square.

These were the elites of the family who were accompanying Elder Shi Long out.

They had an arrogant aura around them, and as they sat themselves down, they began to eat some spirit fruits provided for them. They were leisurely watching the event as servants waited for their every need. They were really comfortable.

Strength determines status, and status determines treatment.

After the elites arrived on the scene, the man’s face was already red from shouting the announcement. Nevertheless, he still wasn’t done.

The announcer glanced at the organizer.

After confirming, the announcer’s voice spread throughout the whole plaza.

“It is now noon. Time for the Su Family Tournament to be underway! All of the participating disciples’ events are numbered, so let the Su Family Tournament officially begin!”

After he finished, the bell rang three more times before it stopping completely.

The square began to fill up, and the disciples began to line up to obtain their numbers for their coming matches.

After obtaining a ticket, you would be able to find the corresponding number on the board to the front. Then you could rest or prepare at the side for your match-up.

At the front desk, the tickets were randomly selected from a bucket for the two sections of the tournament. The contraption that created the ticket released spiritual gas and the disciples would hold the matched-up number to the next station to tell them the number.

Su Yun obtained his ticket and glanced at it: 998.

“First Round!”

“At the 1st Front desk, the first matchup:1795 vs. 821!”

“Ha! it turns out that I was only against a six stage spirit novice realm. How droll!”

Punch. Kick. Slam. (TL *bop hehe)

“Ah!” Screamed the contestant.


“The first matchup: contestant 1795 wins.”

“At the 2nd Front desk, the first matchup: 417 vs. 2777!”

“At the 3rd Front desk, the first matchup: 5129 vs. 3783!”

“At the 4th Front desk…”

As this went on, the disciples waiting for their matchups were doing some warm-up exercises outside of the front desks. They intensely stared at the front desk, for once it was their turn, the ticket number would turned crimson.

Xin Yue and Xing Yan hit the jackpot, and their matchups were during the first round of matchups. They began to walk towards the stage, with Su Yun gazing at them.

Su Yun looked over at the two disciples in front of him, as they displayed their skills, it was evident that the two of them were vastly experienced. Within a few minutes, their matches were concluded.

In the outer sect, Xin Yue and Xing Yang practiced hard in their cultivations. They had grown up without parents and suffered from bullying, so they were obsessed with cultivating to become strong and obtain a chance for a better life. This tri-annual competition was their chance to get that. Even though 8th stage cultivation was not considered very powerful, in the outer sect, it could already be considered outstanding.

As the winning disciple came down from the stage, the surrounding disciples gazed at him with worship in their eyes. The disciple walked towards Su Yun.

“Big brother Su Yun, how was that? Wasn’t I powerful?”

Xin Yue said while grinning.

Su Yun just nodded and smiled.

“There are many competitors in this tournament. I’m afraid that big brother Su Yun might not pass through. You must make it!” Xing Yang said hoarsely.

“We can work together.”


The three conversed.

At this time, the crowded roared again in response to a commotion.

Su Yun followed to the source of the noise only to find a well-dressed disciple walking towards him.

This well dressed disciples was tall and sturdy. He had a high nose, deep eyes, and a sharp gaze. He even appeared to have a good aura. However, the opposite was true, as, in truth, he bullied a lot of the outer sect disciples.

“It’s Su Nan Ye!”

Xin Yue called out.

“Who is Su Nan Ye,” Su Yun asked blankly.

“Big brother Su Yun, you do not even know who SuNan Ye is? Even normal disciples know about him!”  Xing yang was surprised, but continued, “He could be considered the as the second ranked genius of the outer sect!”

“The second-ranked genius?”

“Yeah, I heard that the top ranked is Su Qing,” Xing Yang replied.

However, at the next moment, a surge of fierce, overbearing spirit aura came towards him.

Xing Yang’s face changed as his whole body suddenly trembled. He began to have difficulties breathing and kneeled down in agony.

Su Yun scowled as he saw this. He grabbed Xing Yang’s robes and pulled him back up.

Xing Yang was freed from the spiritual aura.

He was panting and sweating profusely, and instantly, he fell back down on the floor and kept on panting.

With eighth stage spirit novice realm cultivation, Xing Yang was already forced to this sorry state. The person in front of them was at least ten stage spirit novice realm.

“Brother, are you okay,” Xin Yue anxiously asked, as she quickly propped Xing Yang up.

“I’m…I’m fine…” Xing Yang gasped hoarsely.

Not waiting for him to stand up, the young man stepped in front of them.

Su Nan Ye was still exerting his oppressive aura against Xing Yang.

Xing Yang was slightly stunned.

“You said…who was the second ranked genius of the outer sect? Who…was the first,” SuNan Ye asked with emotionless eyes as he coldly gazed at Xing Yang. It looked as if he could devour Xing Yang’s life, right there and then.

“What…what first? What second…?” Xing Yang was still confused.

The next second, he saw a huge fist headed to his chest.

The fierce, overbearing spiritual power was covering the fist, allowing it to produce amazing explosive power, which could rip through flesh.

No one expected a sudden attack from Su Nan Ye, including Su Yun…

But in an instant, a hand suddenly sprang up and, as fast as lightning, it seized the fist. It was stopped…


Su Nan Ye’s face was shocked, he was really surprised.

However, as he saw the master of the hand loosen his wrist; he quickly recovered his composure.

Lightning fast, incredible reaction.

The others couldn’t even react at all.

“My friend has a very honest nature and talked about the affairs of the outer sect rudely. If this had offended you, I hope you do not take this personally.” Su Yun said.

“Who are you?”

Su Nan Ye eyes narrowed as he whispered these words.

“Huh? Isn’t it the trash, Su Yun?”

“You actually dare to challenge the boss, and you desire to live? The trash that was kicked out of the family actually has the face to come back?”

“You’re not aiming to return to the inner sect, right? No matter. Even if you enter the tournament to return to the inner sect, the inner sect will not want you! Save yourself some time and just leave! You will not be able to enter the inner sect, because you are just trash!”

The goons behind Su Nan Ye articulated their criticisms. Since they were standing behind the commotion, they did not see Su Yun’s lightning fast reactions. They did not see his strength.

Su Nan Ye was surprised, “ You are Su Yun?”

Su Yun remained silent.

“The rumour seems a bit false.”

“The rumor that everyone talks about. Do you believe it?”

“I do not care,” Su Nan Ye continued, “This is not the end of this. I will prove who is the top-ranked disciple of the outer sect and who is the second ranked! It is not convenient to stay here, just wait until you compete with me! I will let you understand my real strength!”

After he finished, Su Nan Ye turned and left.

Only then, did the group of people disperse.

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