Chapter 24 Teaser

Alright, so the release time of ch24 will be still Saturday, but @ 5-6 PM EST (New York Time).

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Chapter 24: Who is Second? Who is First?

Everyone began to move towards the central field.

The inner sect disciples all began to stand up from the seating area.

A large green and blue light erupted from out of the square. Then, in the light, bricks began to form a giant central stone square rapidly. In a few moments, with little effort, it seemed that the tournament stone arena was created.

Crowded around the front desk for the tournament was close to three hundred different disciples.

After all, nearly ten thousand disciples were participating in this tournament. It would take time to screen out the disciples within three days, so half of the players would have a duel at the same time.

“Everyone, back away from the front desk by five meters.”

At this moment, a man who was in charge of maintaining order stood up and with his muscular figure, tried to organize the crowd. His face was covered.

As the outer sect disciples began to straighten themselves out and the inner sect elders began to slowly come out. The front desk area area soon became an open space.

“Next, we have your fellow soldiers within the Inner Sect of the Su Family.”

“There is the grand elder of the Inner Sect, Elder Su Bai.”



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