Chapter 23 Teaser

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Chapter 23: Tournament Selection

At noon, the next day.

The sun was high up in the sky.

Suyun cleaned up the formation he created and moved the Spring Crystal Furnace back inside his spatial ring. He put on some clean clothes and headed out the door.

Along the bronze roadway, one could see many family households and their disciples walking together.

These young disciples of the outer sect were are dressed cleanly, with hand gripping their swords or in their hilt. Everyone seemed excited.

The parents told their children that ranking were not important, but who could believe them? Everyone understood the important and would fight with everything they had in the tournament.

The people began to stop outside the square, because the parents could not enter. The tournament square was only open to those disciples of the Su Family.

“I must not miss my opportunity this time. My talent is poor and will certainly not break through intermediate spirit realm before twenty years old. Therefore, I pray that I can reach the top two hundred ranking! I do not ask for any more, I just want to be qualified into the ranking.:

“I do not want to meet the ancestors, allowed me to join the inner sect.”

“I am seeking a good place. Please god!”

At the square, many people were praying in groups for good fortune.

Suyun’s eyes began to sweep through the square and saw that outside of the stage, many people sat with luxurious clothing. Each of the young men and women were equipped with a magical weapon.

These people were the inner disciples that would participate in the tournament.

Numbered at about a hundred people, which although few in number, but ever since the beginning, these disciples would be guaranteed to enter the top two hundred ranks of the tournament.

The greatest fear of the outer sect disciples were to encounter an inner sect disciple in the tournament, because they would almost surely lose.

“Huh? Look, isn’t that Suyun!?”

“What did he come here for? is…is he also going to participate in the tournament?”

“No way, right? He has the guts to participate in this tournament? Wasn’t he kicked out of the inner sect and left in the outer sect?”

“What is this guy thinking of doing? He is so shameless.”

Several male and female disciples were whispering with each other. There were surprise, confusing, contempt and disregard in the eyes that were gazing at Suyun.


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