Limitless Sword God Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: The Thirst for Power

After returning back to his little cabin in the woods, he closed the door.

About Su Dong Fang’s bet, he really does not have any idea.

After all, his objective was not to bother Qing Er. What he wanted was that within three years, he could sneak Qing Er away from the Su Family, so she did not make the same mistakes in his previous life.

However, Su Yun was not willing to just give up the bet in the tournament.

If he managed to return to the inner sect of the Su Family, he would regain many benefits for cultivating. The situation for the outer sect of the Su Family was abysmal, there was basically nothing here.

Nonetheless, using different methods to enhance a cultivator’s level too quickly was certainly not beneficial in the long run.

Su Yun began to remove items from his spatial ring. He took out the “Spring Crystal Furnace” that he bought from the auction. He placed it in the middle of the cabin and moved the table away. Then, he began arranging the materials from his spatial ring and drew an array around the Spring Crystal Furnace.

After it was finished, he began to carefully place the alchemy ingredients inside the Spring Crystal Furnace.

After that, he lay down on the floor and took out a small bag of phosphorous powder and carefully spreading it around the Spring Crystal Furnace and inside the array surrounding the furnace.

The array.

There will be gaps between the strokes drawn on the floor. Since it is inevitable that the lines written on the floor could not be perfect.

As the lines were revised, the magical effects of the array will be strengthened. It requires only the basic skills to master assembling an array. Nonetheless, the patterns in the array play a decisive part, which if some of the lines are too large, the array would not enhance the power of the furnace. However, when the lines are perfectly assembled for the array, the large array’s power will not only multiply, but it can also give further benefits.

Plainly, this array was just for enhancing the power of items or people.

Even if it was just the outline, completing it was no simple task. Even an Array Masters cannot perfectly assemble the patterns in large array formations. Even for ninth level Array Masters, completely assembling the formations were unheard of.

Arrays Masters was an extremely popular career in the mainland, because with the various formation techniques, one could produce countless items. For cultivating spirit power, the formation techniques that Array Masters could create were essential. Therefore, many Sects invited powerful Array Masters to assist them in refining spirit power. Since the requirements of the cultivation level for Array Masters were very low, Su Yun spend a short time studying the techniques of Array Masters, so it would help him financially. Although he was not extremely adept at Formations, but for basic and tactical formations, he was very skilled. Su Yun was especially skilled in assembling the formations and he was a seventh stage Array Master in his past life.

For assembling the formations, they required a grain-like substance that contained “Spiritual Energy,” which made it extremely expensive. The little pouch containing the Golden Bird Phosphorus Powder that contained “spiritual energy” cost about ten thousand spirit coins.

After a long time of assembling, the formation for the “Black Spirit Fire Core” was completed.

Su Yun immediately activated the formation.


Suddenly, smoke erupted from the furnace, the Spirit Crystal Furnace was soon shrouded in light streams as the formation around it began to activate. The entire shabby cabin in the woods was soon bursting with colorful lights inside. It was really beautiful.

The alchemy ingredients would take seven nights before they were ready and could be taken out of the furnace. Therefore, no time could not be wasted while waiting.

Su Yun began to take out the cultivation pellets he bought and began to cultivate.

With the aid of decent cultivation materials, his cultivation naturally increased by leaps and bounds. After eliminating the illness, his wish to truly begin cultivating was fulfilled. He was like one of those people who were extremely thirsty and had just found a sweet spring water. He began to crazily cultivate and did not take any time to rest.

Su Yun meditated in the cabin during the day, ingesting and cultivating the cultivation pellets he purchased. Afterwards, Su Yun would go to the fields around his cabin and practice the basic of swordsmanship.

Today, his spiritual sense surpassed one hundred and ten. Furthermore, his seventh stage cultivation progressed very quickly. With a talent to practice twice as fast as ordinary people, he could speed through cultivation techniques. However, he did not dare forget his foundation, because although he had a wealth of knowledge inside his head, his body could not keep up. Therefore, he had to lay a solid foundation to obtain long lasting benefits.

Ever since then, the outer sect disciples would see the infamous young master Su Yun on the fields surrounding his home practicing sword techniques over and over again that they did not even recognize. Therefore, most disciples just ignored him.

Right now, it was most important for Su Yun to practice the meaning of the way of the sword.

As long as one managed to create the first sword, one could begin practicing the First form of the Limitless Sword Arts. Then he could begin to use the legendary sword hilt.

After practicing the past few days hard, he found that his body had changed. The constant meditation and exercising formed a thin layer of spiritual aura around his body, covering his blood vessels and internal organs.

His body had began to strengthen.

This was the bottleneck for the breakthrough of the seventh stage of spirit novice realm. it was a sign that he was close to the eighth stage.

Su Yun was overjoyed, his spiritual sense had increased to one hundred and ninety now. His ability to recover spiritual power was increased further.

Nonetheless, he did not dare relax. He began to focus on practicing harder and his body continued to strengthen as well as his soul’s spirit aura.

Ten days later, the first batch of the alchemy medicine came out of the Spring Crystal Furnace.

The intoxicating aroma even aroused Su Yun’s heart.

After deactivating the furnace, he pulled out the six different color Bead from inside the furnace.

Divine Five Life Bead.

Grand Meridian Activation Bead.

Live Flame Bead.

Scarlet Heart Bead.

Violet Marrow Bead.

Divine Spirit Ink Bead.

Only the elite disciples of various sects could even hope to understand the production of these extremely rare medicine.

But to truly understand the production of these priceless medicine, they would have to mingle with elites of the elites.

Divine Five Life Bead.

To obtain the benefits of the beads, one would have to ingest this to be able to absorb the benefits of the other beads created.

The Divine Five Life Bead must be thoroughly cultivated, so that the effects did not dissipate.

Grand Meridian Activation Bead opened the veins, which allowed creation of higher amounts of spiritual aura.

The Live Flame Bead further enhanced the blood vessels by stretching them allowing higher blood flow, which was particularly important.

The Scarlet Heart helped calm the mind and body down, to cultivate the beads effectively.

The Violet Marrow Bead enhanced the body physically and increased the space in the body for absorption.

Finally, the Divine Spirit Ink Bead was the most important of the six. The Divine Spirit Ink Bead played the finishing touches. It not only increased the soul, which allowed him to absorb more spirit power, but it also enhanced the strength of his blood, bones, tendons and internal organs. Furthermore, it elevated the effects of the previous five beads.

Su Yun removed the Spring Crystal Furnace from the formation. As he finished preparing to remove more alchemy items from his spatial ring, he changed the array of the “Black Spirit Fire Core.”

After two hours of preparation, he managed to change the Black Spirit Fire Core array into the “Divine Spirit Meditation Array.”

Next, he assembled the formation.

Then he sat back down and began to ingest the beads.


After digesting the Divine Five Life Bead, effects began to occur in Su Yun’s body.

Just sitting like this, seven days had passed.

After seven days, Su Yun inspected his body.

The spirit power inside his body had become a constant stream and was very abundant. His spiritual sense now had exceeded two hundred, to two hundred and thirty. This was very alarming, since only at tenth stage cultivation level would one have so high of a spiritual sense.

His bone structure had been especially affected, as it had become much more robust after the digestion. Su Yun appeared to have been reborn, his eyes now bright and piercing, solid bones inside and lean muscled body. His appeared was completely different from his sickly appearance before.

However, the amount ingested was not enough.

After finishing digestion, the body returned to equilibrium.

As Su Yun exercised more, the remaining medicine in his body would be digested and incorporated into his body.

This just required exercise. As it turns out, Su Yun just had to practice physical techniques to reap the optimal benefits.

With the days left, Su Yun immersed himself in practicing and cultivation.

As for different battle tactics, he deliberately did not try to learn, because he was short on time. One could not practice different battle tactics in so short of a timespan. During the competition, it will be up to his physique and spirit power to compete.

A month can be a long or short time. Su Yun still had two thousand spirit coins, so Su Yun did not have to work. Instead, he immersed himself in practicing his body around the clock and never took a break.

For people that are really hungry, they are willing to do anything to obtain food. Yet, the thirst for power, but being incapable to change, when given the chance, the person will practice like mad.

Soon, the Tournament of the Su Family for the inner and outer sect would officially begin…

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