Chapter 22 Teaser

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Chapter 22: Extremely Ravenous People

After returning back to his little cabin in the woods, he closed the door.

For Su Dong Fang’s bet, he did not really have an idea.

After all, his objective was not to bother Qing Er. What he wanted was that within three years, he could sneak Qing Er away from the Su Family, so she did not make the mistakes in his previous life.

However, the tournament bet, Suyun was not willing to just give up.

If he managed to return to the inner sect of the Su Family, he would regain many benefits for cultivating. The situation for the outer sect of the Su Family was abysmal, there was basically nothing here.

Nonetheless, using different methods to enhance a cultivator’s level quickly too much was certainly not beneficial in the long run.

Suyun began to remove the items from his spatial ring. He took out the “Spring Crystal Furnace” that he bought from the auction. He placed it in the middle of the cabin and moved the table away. Then, he began arranging the materials from his spatial ring and drew an array around the Spring Crystal Furnace.

After it was finished, he began to carefully place the alchemy ingredients inside the Spring Crystal Furnace.

Right after, he laid down on the floor and took out a small bag of phosphorous powder and carefully spread it around the Spring Crystal Furnace and inside the array surrounding the furnace.


Tl: there might be some changes to how is he combining the alchemy materials, since this is unedited, but you got an teaser early, instead of later


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