Limitless Sword God Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Su Dong Fang

Su Yun turned around to see a handsome disciple walking towards him. The disciple was a handsome playboy with a straight posture.

This disciple had white robes, a calm temperament and an intoxicating smile on his mouth. He was surrounded by female disciples from the outer sect, who were constantly blushing as they looked at the him.

As Su Yun saw the incoming disciple, his heart was filled with suspicion.

The Su Family was vast, so Su Yun did not know everyone. This young man coming towards him, he had never seen him before.

“Who are you?” Su Yun asked.

Su Dahai quickly stood up and face Su Yun as he spoke: “You are just worthless, this is the son of the grand elder of the Main House of the Su Family, Su Dong Fang, make sure you remember this!”

After saying this, the Su Dahai immediately rushed in front of the approaching young man and apologetically smiled: “Su Dong Fang, why have you come here?”

Su Dong Fang did not respond to Su Dahai’s words, but instead inspected Su Yun. Then, he only shook his head: “ Only seven stage novice realm, even with the inner sect, he could not amount to much.”

“Finish the registration!” Su Yun turned away and directed Su Dahai. He just ignored Su Dong Fang. It seems that Su Yun wasn’t interested in Su Dong Fang at all.

Su Dahai looked at Su Yun, and anxiously shouted: “Su Yun, correct your attitude, be careful or you will lose your life.”

“I am signing up right now. Then I will leave. My time is very valuable, so please hurry up and finish this. Even if I’m not anxious, there are many anxious people behind me. If you continue bullshitting, I will complain to the outer sect’s elder that you were slowing the process down.”

Su Yun said in a clear voice.

“You…” Su Dahai face paled quickly, hesitating a few times and looked at Su Dong Fang.

Su Dong Fang didn’t really care, and glanced at Su Dahai, nodded and smiled: “At least he has a sense of humor.”

“Su Dong Fang did you come here for something?”

As Su Yun looked over Su Dahai finishing the registration papers, he asked.

“Oh, it isn’t a big deal. Today, I just wanted to tell you something!”

“What then?”

“I heard you are still pestering little sister Qing Er?”

Su Dong Fan smiled as he asked this.

“Pestered?” Su Yun stiffened as his brow furrowed.

Su Dong Fang’s smile remained on his face as he continued: “ Your parents doted on Qing Er and Qing Er remembered the love. After your parents left, she always regarded you as the young master, even if your cultivation realm was poor and kicked out from your home. She was gifted,even promoted to the main house and she still treated you with passion. However, I know this is not her intention: no one is willing to serve the weak, no one is willing to waste time on your unmotivated self. Do you understand?”

“No one is willing? Do you think that Qing Er are doing these things out of gratitude and is just forcing herself?” Su Yun’s heart ached with pain as he lightly whispered.

“It is not?” Su Dong Fang laugh: “When are you going to let her free?”

Su Yun stayed silent.

Indeed, he did not understand Qing Er, he had no clue why Qing Er cared about him so much.

Just paying him back for the gratitude?

If this was the case, if she voiced her concerns, then the time she has helped me is enough…

If not though…then what is she doing this for?

“Therefore, I came to find you today.”

“You want me to cut off ties with Qing Er?”

“Something like that.”

“Let me think about this.”

“It appears we all think this, but no one was this blunt. I believe you will not easily agree, since after cutting off ties with Qing Er, you would lose your protection. If you keep relations with Qing Er, you can live a peaceful life at home in the Su Family.” Su Dong Fang laughed loudly.

Previously, Su Yun offended many people, so he had to face the repercussions. In fact, many people did not resist with Qing Er entering the main house of the Su Family, but everyone knows Qing Er spent a lot of time taking care of Su Yun. Nobody truly cared, since it did not really affect them.

“So, what do you want?” Su Yun asked as he raised his eyebrows.

“Well, I want to make a bet with you.”

After Su Dong Fang said this, he waved and suddenly a tall young man came from behind him. The young man was about twenty three or four, Fauxhawk hair, fierce eyes like a wolf, bulging muscles and an impressive scar crossed his right eye vertically.

After the young man saw Su Yun, the aura of the spirit intermediate disciple compared to Su Yun, was more than double. It was a tyrannical difference.

“This is my brother from the inner sect of the Su Family, called Su Kuang and he will participate in this tournament. I heard you like to gamble, so how about I bet with you? If you can beat my brother in a match, then I will give you fifty thousand spirit coins. Should you lose to my brother in a match, then I want you to cut off ties with Qing Er and have nothing to do with her anymore, alright?”

“What if I refuse?”

“You only need one more complaint before you are fully kicked out of the Su Family. I am just looking at this from Qing Er’s point of view. If I did not do so, I would not be this impatient with you cutting ties with Qing Er.”

Su Dong Fang said.

He was the son of a grand elder of the Su Family, which was not an actual position of power, but he held the power to expel anyone in the Su Family he thought was unworthy with a breath.

“Fine! I accept.”

Su Yun took the finished registration papers from Su Dahai and said this one sentence.

After these words were uttered out, Su Dahai suddenly stood up in shock. Not only him, even many people took a step back. A lot of people were rubbing their ears, thinking they heard wrong.

“Are you sure? Do you really accept?” Su Dong Fang asked with a serious look.

The way Su Yun calmly agreed even surprised Su Dong Fang.


Su Yun began to turn and walk away.

“You did not even ask about the circumstances if you cannot meet my brother in this tournament?”

“If I cannot not meet you brother, since you setted up this bet, then you will arrange everything.”

When Su Yun said this, he left the registration square completely.

After Su Dong Fang heard this, the charming smile remained on his face for a few more minutes. Then his eyes narrowed.

“It appears that Su Yun is actually a much more mature person than I had originally thought.”

“However, his strength is just too weak, with only a seventh stage novice realm, only average for the contestants.”

As Su Kuang stood beside Su Dong Fang, said. Su Kuang seemed to be tense and ready to launch a powerful attack as strong as a tiger any time.

“You cannot say this, because although you are strong, this cannot be taken lightly. No matter what kind of opponent you face, you must use one hundred and twenty percent of you strength! Even if it is just little Su Yun, you can never underestimate him, you understand? I want victory, if you cannot give it to me, then you are worthless! I have no use for trash!”

“Yes, sir!” Su Kuang said under his breath.

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