Limitless Sword God Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Mighty Young Master

Even before his rebirth, Su Yun did not manage to have a high cultivation level, but in order to determine why his cultivation progress stagnated, he scoured the continents, conversed with many people and experienced a lot. He especially talked with cultivators of the Demon Continent to search for devil techniques that he could use. Therefore, he was more open to ideas and opinions, making him much more mature than most people.

Su Yun returned home two days later to finish some matters. Since the stable owner’s stallion disappeared, he could only request that he compensate the owner with his horse that he bought from Mirror Lake Town. Luckily, since the stallion was able-bodied and had well developed limbs the stable owner was naturally very satisfied and did not even ask Su Yun for more compensation for the expired contract of borrowing the stallion that disappeared.

After the matters were dealt with, Su Yun turned back to the direction of his cabin in the woods.

“In another month, there would be a tournament being held within the family. I heard that every major family has already prepared for it. You need to practice hard. Do you think you can achieve a high rank in the tournament? Are you sure you don’t want to wait three more years?”

At the rural streets, a considerable middle-aged woman crossed her hands, facing a young man as she scolded.

The man bowed in silence as the woman’s remarks became more and more fierce.

“Son, you don’t have to care what this young woman says to you. Look at everyone else’s children, not one is low cultivation? I heard that as long as you get into the top two hundred ranking for the tournament, father will be proud! If you stay at home, never going to the military field for practice, never cultivating and keep going on like this, will you ever amount to anything?”

“Mother, getting into the top two hundred rankings is much easier said than done, alright? In every single bout in this tournament, very few guys in our little Sect can get in. I heard last time, only twelve people managed to get into the tournaments and once you get in, you are competing against 7000 cultivators. Do you really think that your son can stand out amongst all these people? Let alone standing out for family in this tournament, I am looking for death if I participate! This is useless!”

The young man said with a bitter face.

After the middle-aged woman heard this, she suddenly angrily roared: “Son, you don’t want to participate in this tournament? This is your only chance, the only chance our family has, so how can you say such things? Look at the neighbor’s son next door, he practiced hard every day in the martial arts field. I heard that he already broke through seventh stage of spirit novice realm and may even break through eighth stage soon! Look at you, still at only sixth stage of spirit novice realm! You….why are you so disappointing?”

After talking for awhile, the mother began to cry.

“Mother, it is not the same. Wang Shu saved money in the early years and managed to buy some spirit medicine for cultivating. Using these types of medicine, he managed to progress quickly. Look at me, have you ever given me anything for cultivating? I am already at the peak of sixth stage cultivation realm, but my progress has stagnated not matter how hard I practice…..oh mother, don’t think about spirit cultivators anymore. I think that manuscript writing at home is already good enough…”

After the middle-aged woman heard this, she cried even more fiercely.

Su Yun slowed down his pace after he heard these words. He could not help that he felt some mixed feelings in his heart.

In this world, spiritual talent was indeed extremely important, but it is also essential that external conditions are optimal. Especially during for the key times such as the early cultivation periods or breakthroughs, which required cultivation pellets, various techniques and so forth.

“The Tri-annual Tournament of the Su Family?”

Su Yun whispered.

In the Su Family, once an outer sect disciple before the age of twenty breaks through Spirit Intermediate Realm (Tl: 2nd realm, after novice), they will have to qualifications to enter the inner sect. If one would not be able to enter within twenty years of age….usually it would become too difficult in the future to progress, so people would just give up. The reason: even if they practice hard, their progress would stagnate, so it would be futile to even attempt to achieve a high cultivation level.

This requires a strength test, where once the strength results comes out and it meets the standard, you can enter the inner sect.

However, there is one more method, and that is the Tri-annual Su Family Tournament.”

Entry range:  Inner Sect and outer sect.

No limit for the number of participants in the competition.

Competition Rewards: substantial reward for ranked members’ families, cultivation pellets, and techniques. For exceptional performance, the Su Family will provide a teacher for training the practitioner for three years. This is the most rewarding, since there are many people who are not in a large sects or families, they will have to rely on books for their cultivation path. This trial and error method will lead to a lot of mistakes. However, with a trained professional at your side, the progress will increase exponentially. Therefore, the tournament will be highly competitive.

Additional Bonus Reward for Outer Sect disciples: Qualified to enter the inner sect of the Su Family.

Although this was simple, it was a priceless reward for anyone of the outer sect of the Su Family.

After Su Yun read this, he turned around and headed to the direction of the registration point for the tournament.

As he approached the tournament registration, there were a crowd of people: men and women gathered here. However, all were lightly dressed, with no magic weapons and appeared ordinary.

The person in charge of the registration was from the inner sect of the Su Family, because there were few experts that had the time to do registration. Therefore, they had someone of the inner sect. They had to give a chance for the cultivators of the outer sect, otherwise, there would be riots.


The clerk in charge of the registration shouted, without even looking up.

“Li feng.”


“It is….it is novice realm…six stage.”

The simple and honest man embarrassed said.

The people behind him flashed a hint of disdain on their faces.

The clerk did not pay attention, but other disciples from the outer sect gave snickers disdainfully. Li feng was angry in his heart, but they had higher cultivation than him, so he could only leave in silence and swallow his words.

The clerk continued in his manner through the line of people until it was Su Yun’s turn.

“First name.”

“Su Yun.”

“Su Yun?”

The clerk raised his head and looked at the young man in front of him.

Su Yun lightly analyzed the clerk in front of him and suddenly he recognized the familiar face.

“Su Da Hai, you are the inner sect clerk for the tournament?” Su Yun suddenly asked.

“Oh, Young master Su, I still remember you! It is an honor to meet you!” The Su inner sect disciple sneered as he got up.

Su Da Hai was about five or six years older than Su Yun and had been in charge of the warehouse. His home was extravagant and during the inventory counting, many grain supplies were not found. Everyone knew that Su Da Hai embezzled, but because of the backing of Su Gui Mu, no one could do anything.

However, the original Su Gui Mu that Su Yun knew always hated Su Yun. This was because as Su Yun investigated the reason for Su Gui Mu’s massive wealth, Su Yun uncovered and exposed some secrets. These secrets were spread so quickly, that even Su Gui Mu could not keep the situation under control.

Su Da Hai was the unlucky one, and when Su Gui Mu’s business with him was exposed, he lost everything. He was punished by forced to stay outside in the scorching sun and blowing wind for a few days.

“I did not expect, that the dignified Young Su master will actually participate in this competition…but, you were driven away from your home. Do you even have the guts to sign up? What? After you ate outside in the slums, did you finally miss the benefits of the inner sect of the Su Family?”

Su Da Hai shouted this, deliberately letting everyone hear that was within four yards. Although Su Yun was kicked out of the Su Family inner sect, which was common knowledge to everyone in the inner sect and outer sect of the Su Family, but few people have seen Su Yun. After Su Da Hai called out, many people began to understand and whispering began to ring at the back.

“So he is Su Yun.”

“He is just trash of the Su Family?”

“With excellent conditions when he was born, and he only achieved seventh stage of the spirit novice realm. What qualifications does he have? I’m afraid that before he is twenty years old and he might still not be able to step into the Spirit intermediate realm! Such a waste.”

“He is nothing but rubbish, which had a good upbringing. If I was in the inner sect and enjoyed superior martial arts field, cultivation pellets and training, I’m certain that I would have broken through the spirit intermediate realm!”

“The main part is, we are not worse than those of the inner sect, but our birthplace cannot compare!”

A myriad of contemptuous voices of mockery rang in the crowd.

It seemed that even people outside the Su Family despised Su Yun. Su Da Hai’s mouth split in a proud smile.

Boy, I want you to just leave the Su Family altogether! Su Da Hai thought.

“I can still apply, right?”

Ironically, Su Yun just continued as if he heard nothing.

“Of course!”

Seeing Su Yun remain calm, Su Da Hai just chuckled. He immediately sat back in his position.

“What? The “dignified young Su master” even had to sign up for the tournament?  I guess you swallowed your humiliation. That is to say, you are not even in the Su Family anymore. Are you going to go back?”

Just when the conversation between Su Da Hai and Su Yun ended , a clear and bright voice was heard.


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