Chapter 21 Teaser

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Chapter 21: Su Dong Fang

Suyun turned around to see a handsome disciple walking towards him. The disciple was a handsome playboy with a straight posture.

This disciple had white robes, a calm temperament and an intoxicating smile on his mouth. He was surrounded by female disciples from the outer sect, who were constantly blushing as they looked at the him.

As Suyun saw the incoming disciple, his heart was filled with suspicion.

The Su Family was vast, so Suyun did not know everyone. This young man coming towards him, he had never seen him before.

“Who are you?” Suyun asked.

Su Dahai quickly stood up and face Suyun as he spoke: “You are just worthless, this is the son of the grand elder of the Main House of the Su Family, Su Dong Fang, make sure you remember this!”

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