Chapter 20 Teaser

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Chapter 20: Mighty Young Master

Even before his rebirth, Suyun did not manage to have a high cultivation level, but in order to determine why his cultivation progress stagnated, he scoured the continents, conversed with many people and experienced a lot. He especially talked with cultivators of the Demon Continent to search for devil techniques that he could use. Therefore, he was more open to ideas and opinions, making him much more mature than most people.

Suyun returned home two days later to finish some matters. Since the stable owner’s stallion disappeared, he could only request that he compensate the owner with his horse that he bought from Mirror Lake Town. Luckily, since the stallion was able-bodied and had well developed limbs the stable owner was naturally very satisfied and did not even ask Suyun for more compensation for the expired contract of borrowing the stallion that disappeared.

After the matters were dealt with, he turned back to the direction of his cabin in the woods.

“In another month, within the family there would be a tournament being held. I heard that every major family has already prepared for it. You need to practice hard. Yet, you think you can achieve a high rank in the tournament? Are you sure you don’t want to wait three more years?”

At the rural streets, a considerable middle-aged woman crossed her hands, facing a young man as she scolded.

The man bowed in silence as the woman’s remarks became more and more fierce.

TL: no, this is not the MC, it’s someone else, maybe a new major ally? idk, just speculating here