Limitless Sword God Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Sixty Thousand Spirit Coins

The massive Sword Qi that emitted the overpowering aura ¡just disappeared without a trace.

In the surrounding area, the Sword Qi that was overflowing before had dissipated. Everything just disappeared, as if it never happened…..

“How can this be?”

The Immortal goddess was shocked and surprised: “ You…you actually broke my New Variant Sword Arts. Just who are you?”

But right at the next second, her stomach ate a punch and her whole body took a step back.

Su Yun did not give an opportunity for her to recover, if you had an advantage, you must win!

The immortal was extremely annoyed and ignored the obvious effects of the Heavenly Herb on her opponent. She was thinking about how despicable Su Yun was. Immediately, with a hand flick, she clenched the white sword and exerted all her strength.

The sword aura swept over the valley again as the Sword Qi began to fill the valley.

Su Yun remained indifferent and no fear was shown. He already knew the outcome of this useless attempt.

Just then, a series of shrill whistling swords began to move towards their location.

A blue-robed elder had arrived.

He glanced at the situation and saw the conflict. He saw the Immortal on the ground and Su Yun holding a sword.

It was the Hurricane Elder!

It appeared that he had defeated the headmaster!

Without the Heavenly Crystal, the Demon Religion Sect headmaster was easily dealt with.

Su Yun’s heart went cold. He now had to face the Immortal and the Hurricane Elder. Even with the help of the Heavenly Crystal, how could he win this?

I must retreat!

He made up his mind, turned around and quickly fled.

“You want to flee? It is not that easy!”

The Hurricane Elder picked up his speed and quickly followed after Su Yun with his Sword Qi shrieking.

With the treasure within his grasp, the Hurricane Elder was viciously sending Spirit Sword Qi at Su Yun. Suddenly, with a sharp turn, Su Yun turned towards the Hurricane Elder. His body was wrapped with powerful spirit qi from the Heavenly Crystal.

As the Spirit Sword Qi strikes hit his body, Su Yun just ignored them. Then, he directly aimed at the Hurricane Elder’s forehead with his fist.


The Hurricane Elder never expected that Su Yun would turn back and attack him, it was too late to dodged. He immediately ate the fist and was sent tumbling backwards. He was slammed against a tree and couldn’t stop shaking.

The Hurricane Elder was heavily injured.

After Su Yun saw this, he remained calm.

The strength of the Hurricane Elder, how could he not avoid a simple palm strike?!

Su Yun was just afraid…although he managed to defeat the leader, he was still heavily injured.

Nonetheless, this was an opportunity!

Su Yun eyed the downed elder and leapt with the intent to kill. He reversed his original path and didn’t escape, actually….he rushed towards the Hurricane Elder.

“He wants to kill him!”

Far away, the immortal goddess saw Su Yun’s intention and called out. Her heart trembled, because she did not expect that Su Yun was actually this audacious! The immortal goddess immediately rushed over with the intention to recklessly push this person away from the elder.

However, Su Yun did not evade, after all, there was still a difference in distance. There was no time for the immortal goddess to aid this elder. He could just crush the Hurricane Elder’s head and dodge the  immortal goddess. The key was just not to get hurt, with the power of the Heavenly Crystal, as long as he was not fatally injured, he could not die.

Suddenly, his chest became hot and instantly the extremely abundant power that leaked like a balloon began to quickly dissipated.

“Not good, the effects of the Heavenly Crystal is coming to an end!”

The Sword Elder exclaimed loudly.

“The effect is disappearing?” Su Yun asked.

“You can use the Heavenly Crystal and it is very powerful. However, since your cultivation is bad, it will not last long! It cannot last long!”

After Su Yun heard this, his face paled.

Right now, with the power of the Heavenly Crystal he could kill the Hurricane Elder, but to kill without it? Did he even have to ability to compete against the immortal goddess? If the effects of the Heavenly Crystal disappeared, he would die!

As Su Yun’s mind quickly assessed the situation in lightning speed, he immediately made a decision.

Su Yun suddenly turned again and switched the direction of his killing intent. This time, he headed towards the immortal goddess.

The immortal goddess eyes widened in surprise and hesitated to take action. She stopped in her tracks because she did not know how she would defend herself.

Then, in the next second, Su Yun seized the opportunity and quickly closed in, turned and fled…

The immortal goddess’s raised her eyebrows.

Despite this, she did not give chase. Instead, she went went towards the Hurricane Elder and took two medicine pills and gave it to the injured Hurricane Elder.

The Hurricane Elder swallowed the pills and his complexion improved a lot.

“Why did you not chase him?” The Hurricane Elder asked as he slowly got up, glancing at the direction of Su Yun’s path.

“When he ingested the Heavenly Crystal, it was too troublesome to deal with him. We have to wait for the effects of the Heavenly Crystal to dissipate before we have a chance!”

“Are you able to find him?”


The immortal goddess extended her hands in the light and between her fingers, one could see an extremely piece of fine hair…


Meanwhile, with the last reserves of the Heavenly Crystal exhausted, Su Yun fainted in the wilderness.

After Su Yun regained consciousness, he felt that he did not even have half of his original strength.

He immediately removed food from his spatial ring and ravenously consumed until he was full. He took a full day to recover.

The Heavenly Crystal was very exhausting and one would have to cultivate for fifty days to recover the spirit qi before he could advance to the next realm. Even if it took a hundred days, it would not be surprising. This was the cost of using the Heavenly Crystal.

Relating to the Heavenly Crystal, Su Yun did not fully understand its properties. He only knew that it was a priceless ancient treasure.

He sat cross-legged on a flat stone and opened the treasure box. He took the Heavenly Crystal and carefully inspected it.

The Heavenly Crystal had lost it’s luster. It was originally a dark color, but now it had become grey. It did not emit any smell and the energy inside seemed to have been all used up.

Su Yun could not afford to waste all the days recovering, since he need to accomplish his objectives.

He had obtained the Heavenly Crystal, so his objective was achieved. Although this trip took much longer than necessary, he still had a big harvest.

After finding the nearest town, he purchased another stallion and rushed towards the town of Mirror Lake.

He directly went to Sky Sun Auction House. Here, it was still packed with huge crowds. Business was hustling and bustling.

Su Yun took a deep breath when it was his turn to submit his task. He opened his spatial ring and rummaged through it to find the Crescent Moon Fruit task. He then submitted the task.

“Please give me the task cards.”

The receptionist Li Fei lazily called out.

The task card was handed over and the Crescent Moon Fruit was given.

After the receptionist Li Fei saw the fruit, his loose face was suddenly startled.

In the ten years that the receptionist worked for the Sky Sun Auction House, he had seen the Crescent Moon Fruit once. The dark and fire-like body was unforgettable.

“This…this is?”

Li Fei took the fruit, stared at it and suddenly snatched Su Yun by the collar and stared.

“You…you actually managed to obtain the Crescent Moon Fruit?”

After Li Fei checked the task cards, he almost shouted the contents out loud.

“Please just give me the reward.”

“I….good…good..very good…”

Li Fei suddenly cheered and nodded. He then proceeded to get the reward.

But as he left to get the reward, his eyes were still full of disbelief.

Li Fei was no cultivator, but in Sky Sun Auction House, there were many spirit cultivators. He felt that Su Yun’s level was not very high.

Then how could he obtain the Crescent Moon Fruit?

This man is so strange, does he have a helper?

Li Fei was puzzled.

After approximately a few minutes, the spirit currency card was filled with sixty thousand spirit coins and was handed to Su Yun.

Su Yun confirmed the amount.


Then he ran towards the trading area and began to select materials from a huge pile.

“Cultivation medicine pellets: divine flower pellet, red sky pellet, crystal jade pellet, holy heart pellet…”

“Forging body drugs: healing body paste, divine dragon drug, defying body powder…”

“One Core Body Strengthening Practice Manual.”

“One nature furnace crystal.”

“I need many alchemy materials.”

“I also need these cultivation ingredients…”

Before the window, Su Yun asked for many ingredients. While a list of the materials was being created. The personnel completing the orders inside were extremely busy. They were constantly looking at the records to find the materials. Many other staff members went inside to help out.

The Sky Sun Auction House resources were vast and many of the goods could not be bought elsewhere.

Nonetheless, with Su Yun ordering so much ingredients that were relatively rare, the people behind looked dumbfounded.

“How does a Spirit Novice disciple has so much money?”

The people behind conversed with each other quietly.

Half an hour later, only two thousand spirit coins were left from the original sixty thousand spirit coins. The spatial ring was now stuffed full of ingredients. Everything was ready. Su Yun quickly left the Sky Sun Auction House. He mounted on the stallion and rode home at full speed to the Su Family’s territory.


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