Chapter 19 Teaser

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Chapter 19: Sixty Thousand Spirit Coins

The immersive sword gas that emitted the overpowering aura suddenly just disappeared without a trace.

Around the area, the Sword Qi gas that was overflowing before had dissipated. Everything just disappeared, as if it never happened…..

“How can this be?”

The Immortal goddess was shocked and surprised: “ You…you actual broke my New Variant Sword Arts. Who are you?”

But right at the next second, her stomach ate a punch and her whole body took a step back.

Suyun did not give an opportunity for her to recover, if you had an advantage, you win!

The immortal was extremely annoyed and ignored the obvious effects of the Heaven Herb on her opponent. She was thinking about how despicable Suyun was. Immediately, with a hand flick, she clenched the white sword and exerted all her strength.

The sword aura swept over the valley again as the Sword Qi gas began to fill the valley.

Suyun remained indifferent and no fear was shown. He already knew the outcome of this useless attempt.

Just then, a series of shrill whistling swords began to move towards their location.

A blue-robed elder had arrived.

He glanced at the situation and saw that the conflict. He saw the Immortal on the ground and Suyun holding a sword.

It was a Hurricane Elder!

It appeared that he defeated the headmaster!

Without the Heavenly Crystal, the Demon Religion Sect headmaster was easily dealt with.

Suyun’s heart went cold. He now had to face the Immortal and the Hurricane Elder. Even with the help of the Heavenly Crystal, how could he win this?

I must retreat!


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