Chapter 18 Teaser

Alright, so it seemed I made a few mistakes from the chapter before, so I did edit it a bit, to make it link to this chapter. Still, the other chapter was not that clear either. Take the time to read the end of the last chapter, so this one makes a bit more sense. Lol.  😛

Anyways here is the teaser, this chapter will probably be up by tonight (3-6 hrs). I just need to edit it a little. Also we have 4 chapters planned this week: 2 sponsored + 2 regular. For next week, only 1 regular, since I do 1.5/week, so 2 and 1 change every week. Hopefully, I can get the chapters for this week.

Without further ado, ch18 teaser:

Chapter 18: A Spirit Novice’s Counter-attack

In the vast sky above, light was shining on the opponent with fluttering white hair standing on top of a slender white sword.

The man was actually a female! Furthermore, she was extremely beautiful. She had a slim stature and ink-like hair that flowed like a waterfall. Her features were exquisite, to almost perfection. She had piercing phoenix like eyes, soft lips, flawless white cheeks and seemed like a crystal jade. She had a fairy-like holiness emitting from here, like a true noble. If a person could not witness this site, any person would just say this woman never existed.

Like a fresh pale flower and dimming from the sun and the moon every few minutes.


Whoever looked upon this goddess, you would be consumed with lust and your heart and soul would be taken away.

Meanwhile, Suyun took a deep breath.


The treasure box containing the Heavenly Crystal was opened.

The amazing atmosphere of the Heavenly proliferated out like a fire-like blooming lotus.

The wind was blowing the Suyun’s robes as he cancelled the sword stealth effect on his body. He stopped using his stealth powder. The surrounding spirit power began to encircle him, covering him like a cocoon.

The fairy woman seeing the surround aura began to cover Suyun, instantly scolded from the heavens: “Stop immediately! Otherwise, you will die!”

However, Suyun just turned a deaf ear to her shouts.


  1. eh? the man is a woman? genderbend?


    1. yaoz889 says:

      Never was a man to begin, mc just didn’t recognize her until the light shines on her


      1. ah… so the light tranform him into her? XD


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