Limitless Sword God Chapter 17


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Chapter 17 – Fighting and Fleeing

The Heavenly Crystal had disappeared. In a fit of rage, the headmaster grabbed his wife’s hair and roared: “What happened! Where is my Heavenly Crystal!!!”

“Idiot…that messenger….was a fake…he was just preparing to take advantage of you and stole the Heavenly Crystal…”

The weak headmaster’s wife responded.

“How is this possible? He was only a Spirit novice disciple! Are you trying to deceive me? The headmaster could not believe what his wife was saying.

His wife’s realm was higher than Su Yun’s by many levels, how could she mistaken Su Yun’s true cultivation level? Although his wife was not almighty, but she should be easily able to overpower a spirit novice disciple. What’s more, a man came to his room just to deceive him? How dare he!

His wife remained silent.


The furious headmaster just slammed his wife on the ground.

As he stood back up, his analyzed the room. His eyes settled on the broken window.

“You won’t be able to get far!”

As soon as the headmaster said this, he turned to Su Yun’s direction.

However, just then, countless spirit sword surrounded him and the sounds of swords shrieks filled the room.

“Let’s see where you can run?”

One man with one sword singlehandedly slaughtered his way to the room.

The shrieking sword sounds soon filled the entire room.


The headmaster eyes became red as he stared at the elder.

Without the Heavenly Crystal, it would be very difficult to deal with a Hurricane Elder.

“Despicable! You even dared to steal my Heavenly Crystal! You are downright shameless!” The headmaster coldly shouted.


The Hurricane Elder eyebrows creased.

“Fine! Fine! It doesn’t matter if I don’t have the Heavenly Crystal, I will let you experience the power of Ultimate Devil Fiend Arts!”

After he finished speaking, the headmaster went up towards the Hurricane elder.

At this time, outbursts erupted from the Immortal Sword Sect disciples.

“Dragon Elder arrived! Awesome!”

“The Demon Religion Sect will be eradicated today!”

The voices continued. All of them were ecstatic.


At the moment, in another place in Crescent Valley.

A panting Su Yun was quickly fleeing.

“Ha ha ha ha, this is really the Heavenly Crystal! It is really the Heavenly Crystal! Boy, you just won big! Ha ha ha ha….”

The sword elder bursted into delightful laughter.

“This one time, I have to give thanks to you for your help!”

Su Yun slowly breath as he fled down the path.

“I just helped a little! The most important thing was that you were courageous enough, you were focused in your heart! Otherwise, you would have never accomplished this!” The Sword Elder laughed.

“I was just really really lucky!”

Su Yun began to slow down to take a break.

“With the arrival of the Immortal Sect elders and disciples, they completely forced the Demon Religion Sect to focus on them. All the attention was on the confrontation and with the sword stealth skill, I easily managed to get away.”

“What if you did not get away?”

“Then I would not be able to obtain the Heavenly Crystal. If he could see through my disguise, then I will immediately flee. Outside, with the help of the Immortal Sword Sect Elders, they can protect me and allow me to escape!”

“Then how do you know that the Demon Religion Sect Headmaster would go check out the situation, rather than immediately attack you?”

“This is just my analysis of the Demon Religion Sect Headmaster !”


“Yes! A simple analysis of the Demon Religion Sect headmaster! If the headmaster is truly evil, then he will have habits. One of those habits would be to fight and run! If the Heavenly Crystal is outside, it would release a powerful aura. The Hurricane Elders would feel the aura for sure. What do you think the Hurricane Elders would do? Well, if they could they would take it, but if the headmaster had it, it would be different. The headmaster will first assess the situation. If he can kill the Hurricane Elders, he will save the Heavenly Crystal. If the Hurricane Elders are just too powerful, then he will directly consume the Heavenly Crystal!”

“The Heavenly Crystal emits a majestic aura, which is capable of dominating many other treasure auras, therefore the wicked headmaster will probably to choose to put it in a box to conceal it…Boy, if he did not place it inside, but kept it with him, what would you do?” The Sword Elder asked.

“Then it is just fate. With the sword fight between the Hurricane Elders and Demon Religion Sect’s headmaster, I would not be able to compete for the Heavenly Crystal. Even if a fluke occurred and I succeeded, I’m afraid that I will be chased by disciples from the Immortal Sword Sect and Demon Religion Sect right away.”

“Then why did you even need the Immortal Sword Set Elites for?”

“If they did not come, how would I even get the opportunity to obtain this treasure? Not to mention, they will probably eradicate the Demon Religion Sect. After they succeed, no one of the Demon Religion Sect will be out to kill me.”

“I never thought that the world-famous Immortal Sword Sect Elders would be used by a kid like you!”

“I’m not using them, it is just an intersection of interests. They want to destroy the Demon Religion Sect and I want to obtain the Heavenly Crystal. We both win.”

“If your plan did not work, what would you do? A mistake could have costed your life, you know?”

“The plan involved a lot of luck, but even if there is just a one percent chance, I would still give this a try!”

The Sword elder was surprised: “ You are too courageous, is the Heavenly Crystal even worth your life?”

“If I did not finish this, alive or dead, there would be no difference, but… I do not have much time left.” Su Yun eyes contracted and gazed into the beyond.

The Sword Elder silently understood what Su Yun meant.

The sword elder’s voice was still weak from exhaustion of spirit qi.

Although the sword elder only stayed outside for a short while, he felt the effects greatly.

“Boy, I cannot stay out anymore, take time to learn the <Limitless Sword Arts”> and take care of yourself!” The Sword Elder said as he vanished.

“Senior, take care!”

After Su Yun finished, he continued to flee.

However, at this time, a voice emitted from the <Limitless Sword Arts> parchment: “Shit! A powerful person is coming! Be careful! Be careful!”


Su Yun was slightly stunned.

He could only then hear the loud crisp sounds coming closer.

“You despicable person, how dare you just enter the Immortal Sword Sect’s excursion! Beg forgiveness and kneel, otherwise I will turn you to ashes!”

The shout came and a cloaked richly dressed Immortal Sword Sect disciple appeared in the sky above Su Yun.

So fast!

Su Yun was scared to his bones.

This guy was one of the so-called Immortal Sword Elders.

How could his power overcome this guy’s might?

The Immortal Sword Sect sent someone? Did you say Heavenly Crystal? Shameless! Is this how they repay me?

Su Yun was furious.

Escape? It was completely useless, even with his speed of spirit novice realm, how could he compare to the expert in front of him?

Does the Immortal Sword Sect really want the Heavenly Crystal?

His opponent just stayed in the sky and grinded his teeth. He just stood and stared at the hands holding the treasure box.

Suddenly, an idea came to the Immortal Sword Elder’s mind.

“Since you managed to escaped so fast…let me see how good is your power!”

Su Yun just frowned and suddenly opened the box…

“Boy, you…what are you going to do? The Immortal Sword Sect asked in shock.

“Since I can not escape, why not fight back?”

Su Yun’s voice was filled with regret and killing intent, but he made his final decision….

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