Chapter 17 Teaser

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(warning: pretty bad cliffhanger)

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Chapter 17 – Fighting and Fleeing

The Heavenly Herb had disappeared. In a fit of rage, the headmaster grabbed his wife’s hair and roared: “What happened! Where is my Heavenly Herb!!!”

“Idiot…that messenger….was a fake…he was just preparing to take advantage of you and stole the Heavenly herb…”

The weak headmaster’s wife responded.

“How is this possible? He was only a Spirit novice disciple! Are you trying to deceive me? The headmaster could not believe what his wife was saying.

His wife’s realm was higher than Suyun’s by many levels, how could she mistaken Suyun’s true cultivation level? Although his wife was not almighty, but she should be easily able to overpower a spirit novice disciple. What’s more, a man came to his room just to deceive him? How dare he!

His wife remained silent.


The furious headmaster just slammed his wife on the ground.

As he stood back up, his analyzed the room. His eyes settled on the broken window.

“You won’t be able to get far!”

As soon as the headmaster said this, he turned to Suyun’s direction.

Tl: pretty bad cliffhanger


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