Limitless Sword God Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – The Heavenly Crystal

Zhang Da Jiang dashed into his fellow disciples room and shouted: “The four Hurricane Elders! Brothers, it’s the four Hurricane Elders!”

As the four Hurricane elders descended, a loud sound of swords seemed to filled the sky.

The silent Demon Religion Sect exploded in activity. All of the sect equipped their weapons and clumsily left their practice areas in an extremely embarrassed manner.

As one gazed upon the sky, there were nearly a hundred people on soaring swords.

These people were all richly dressed in elaborate armor, with sword qi wrapping around their entire bodies. They proudly overlooked the valley like a fairy.

The light shined on them and made them appear awe-inspiring to the disciples down below.

The Demon Religion Sect became terrified.

“There is a situation!”

“Quick, activate the enchantment!”

“Alert! Get ready to meet the enemy!”

“Alert the headmaster!”

People of the Demon Religion Sect began yell frantically.

Hidden in the shadows, Su Yun gazed the sky and silently whispered: “Is this the power of Sword Arts?”

“Those Sword Arts and the Limitless Sword Arts are worlds apart. These techniques only require the transmission of sword qi around the body to produce the soaring swords. They only mastered the tip of the sword arts. This is their so-called sword arts. Compared to Limitless Sword Arts, their techniques are nothing but child’s play!”

After Su Yun heard this in his mind, he remained silent and turned to leave.

Soon, the Demon Religion Sect began to activate a variety of enchantments. A large number of powerful light wrapped around the buildings of the Demon Religion Sect.

“Hmph, insignificant bugs!”

In the sky, a man with long white hair fluttering in the wind sneered. Then, his hand began to be wrapped by sword qi and slashed towards the spirit formation surrounding the buildings.

Crash! Boom!

With only a bare-handed attack, he sent a gigantic crescent sword qi into the formation.

The extreme sword qi, like a machete went straight towards the formation. Instantly, the formation shattered and the crescent sword qi kept on going. Finally, it smashed into the ground and formed a large crater…

True Power!

Everyone who saw this event only had those two words in their minds.

This move caused the morale of the Demon Religion Sect to plummet drastically.

At that moment.

Within the Demon Religion headmaster area.

“Horrible! A big problem! Headmaster, there is a big problem!”

A figured rushed inside the headmaster main room in panic.

Inside, a male and female could only stop their current lovemaking and look at the man that just charged in.

An extremely overweight individual with an oversized head and large years turned to face the man. A beautiful young woman climbed off his body.

Both were naked, but they turned to face the individual that just rushed in. They did not really seem shy and only the young female covered herself up with some bed sheets.

“Magnificent sword master!”

The Demon Religion Sect headmaster frowned and looked at the pale individual to ask: “ Why are you so terrified?”

“Headmaster, outside…outside…there is countless experts…you…you have to look! The situation outside is hopeless!”

The man sweated bullets as he said this. The panic was evident in his eyes.

“Useless! With only a few experts, what are you so afraid of? Quickly round up everyone and prepare to engage the enemy! Let’s see who is so bold enough to dare come here to fight my sect!”

The headmaster disdainfully sneered and put on his clothes. He headed directly towards the commotion near the practice grounds.

The messenger just lowered his head and remained in the room.

Only after the headmaster left, he raised his head.

The panic stricken face he had was immediately wiped away from his face.

With his quick eyes, he quickly began to inspect the headmaster’s room.

This room was not much better than the main halls of the palace. Nonetheless, it was still covered with brilliant golden paint, powerful columns and a large bed, which was nearly five meters wide.

At the moment, the headmaster’s wife Zheng Mei remained on top of the bed, and speculated the actions of the young messenger.

“Little boy, you are really handsome, are you new to the sect?” The headmaster’s wife lightly chuckled, exposing her white thighs making temptation inevitable.

however, the man did not even seem to hear her words. He went directly to the table beside the bed, but only seemed to be looking for something.


Her naked body was ignored!

The headmaster’s wife suddenly became angry.

However, this man quickly opened and closed the drawers and removed one item from the treasures he found. It was a small treasure box containing the Heavenly Crystal. After quickly analyzing the contents, he quickly turned to flee.

As the headmaster’s wife saw the item, she froze for a moment. Then, with a loud voice:” How dare you remove my husband’s “Heavenly Crystal!” Are you tired of living?”

She never thought that this man would be so bold. To steal this treasure in front of her face.

Immediately, she disregarded her pride and ripped the bed sheets. She jumped off the bed without any clothes and threw a punch towards the man.

Her punch was infused with a rich amount of spiritual power, with the power of two steel thorns, stabbing into his body.

As her fist closed in on Su Yun, he quickly removed a parchment from his spatial ring and blocked the punch from the female leader using the parchment as a shield.

A parchment?

The headmaster’s wife was shocked.

Not waiting for the headmaster’s wife shock response, a bright light emitted from the parchment. Then a hazy image of a pair of old palms extended out of the parchment and collided with the headmaster’s wife’s palm strike.


Fourth Palm Strike.

A resounding noise emitted.

A myriad of sword-like spirit strikes instantly spread through the headmaster’s wife entire body. Her entire body was soon filled with wounds…

Puchi…(TL:sound of slashes, if you got a better one, tell me…)

The headmaster’s wife just dropped to the ground and coughed up blood. A large amount of sword wounds began to appear all over her body. It was difficult for her to even get up.

Because she saw the disciple’s weak cultivation realm, she had underestimated him resulting in her suffering major wounds and a loss.

“I did not think that the elders only amounted to this much!”

Su Yun remained calm and without even glancing at the headmaster’s wife, he turned to leave. Utilizing all his spirit qi to the limit, he crashed out of the side of the window and jumped out. He quickly left.

And now, it was time to practice outside.

“Immortal Sword Sect? I never bothered with you guys! Why do you want to come here and harass me?”

The pale faced Demon Religion Sect Headmaster looked up in the sky and shouted.

“You vile person! By relying on the Crescent Valley, you have committed all kinds of vile acts and have become a scourge of the world! The Immortal Sword Sect has determined that this sect must be eradicated from the face of the world! Today, I have found out the vile acts you have done, how can I allow this sect to exist?”

An elder of the Four Hurricane Elders coldly said.

“Bah!” The headmaster spat and quickly laughed out loud: “What justice do you have to eradicate the Demon Religion Sect? You are a hypocrite. Do not think that I don’t know, that you just want to steal my “Heavenly Crystal!”

The Hurricane Elders faces slightly frowned, but soon returned normal.

Then one elder decided that this was enough negotiations and loudly shouted: “ Kill everyone, do not allow anyone to escape!”
“Yes Sir!”

The elite faction of the Immortal Sword Sect responded and began to take action.

“Ha ha ha ha, come! Come! This headmaster is not afraid of you! Just in time for me to use: Ultimate Devil Fiend Art! Become sacrifices for me! Die for me!”

The headmaster laughed.

But this laughing only lasted a moment, before his face suddenly stiffened.

He seemed to feel something was off and he turned and quickly rushed back to his palace.

After arriving at his room, he was surprised to find his wife lying on the floor coughing up blood and the treasure box inside the drawer that held the Heavenly Crystal had disappeared…


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