Chapter 16 Teaser

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Here is the teaser for chapter 16:

Chapter 16 – The Heavenly Herb

Zhang Da Jiang dashed into his fellow disciples room and shouted: “The four Hurricane Elders! Brothers, it’s the four Hurricane Elders!”

As the four Hurricane elders descended, a loud sound of swords seemed to filled the sky.

The silent Demon Religion Sect exploded in activity. All of the sect equipped their weapons and clumsily left their practice areas in an extremely embarrassed manner.

As one gazed upon the sky, there were nearly a hundred people on soaring swords.

These people were all richly dressed in elaborate armor, with sword qi wrapping around their entire bodies. They proudly overlooked the valley like a fairy.

The light shined on them and made them appear awe-inspiring to the disciples down below.

The Demon Religion Sect became terrified.

“There is a situation!”

“Quick, activate the enchantment!”

“Alert! Get ready to meet the enemy!”

“Alert the headmaster!”

People of the Demon Religion Sect began yell frantically…

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