Limitless Sword God Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Are you going to block me?

The Inner Demon Religion Hunting Halls.

“Hey, I said, how did you guys come back empty-handed? Where is the prey?”

A huge one-eyed sturdy guy clutching a bottle of wine while looking at the shaking “black armored leader,” loudly asked.

“Those bastards resisted to the bitter end. They would rather die than come with us. Their side had more people, so we could not afford to hold back. In the end, they had to be exterminated.”

The “black armored leader” Said as he sighed.

“All slaughtered?” The one-eyed man asked while he disdainfully looked at the “black armored leader’s” eyes with disdain: “No wonder the injuries you guys received were not light. However, you failed to even capture one person. You guys are trash!”

“What are you fucking saying?” The “black armored leader” (TL: going to just use Su Yun, since it is too much of a hassle and confusing to writing out black armored leader) angrily said.

“What? You want to fight me?”

The one-eyed man’s voice rose an octave as he stared down at Su Yun.

Su Yun glanced at the man’s appearance and then quickly turned and left.

“Just a pathetic coward!” The one-eyed man said as he smiled.

Because of the injuries he “suffered,” Su Yun specially requested to have a rest for two days. This will allow him to recuperate from his wounds in the cultivation room. Thankfully, it was approved.

The Immortal Sword disciples must have already informed of the event to the elders. Therefore, Su Yun was very content right now. Since it was the recuperation room, then it was naturally safe. He could just wait for the reinforcements.

Nonetheless, Su Yun could not afford to just wait.

During the second morning he went to the cultivation room. Then he went towards the headmaster’s area.

The Demon Religion Sect taught thousands of disciples and like other sects, they were very strict. Only those close to the headmaster could get close to him. Su Yun would of course not be allowed.

“Black Stone Wolf? What are you doing here?” A fourth stage spirit soul disciple (Tl: 4th realm, 3 realms more than Su Yun) guard frowned as he went to intercept Su Yun.

“I have something important to discuss with headmaster. I beg you to inform him!”

“Something important?” The guard looked alert. “What is important? Pass it to me so I can inform the headmaster!”

“The sect is at stake, so I must personally inform headmaster. Quickly move out of the way! If you delay this and the leader blames you, you dare take the risk?” Su Yun asked seriously.

“You…” The guard’s face flickered with traces of anger, because how could his junior speak like this to him?

His heart was furious and extremely unhappy. He shouted: “The headmaster does not have time for you! Get out!”

“Fine!” Su Yun replied.

Su Yun could not help but sneer: “ When the situation becomes serious and the sect is threatened. Do not blame me for informing him that you did not let me give him crucial information.”

Then Su Yun just turned and walked away.

After the guard heard this, one with a pale face, hesitated and then shouted: “Wait!”

Su Yun stopped: “ What?”

The guard looked nervous and said: “The headmaster is busy, so if you go in… I’m afraid that the headmaster would become furious!”

Su Yun only shook his head and said: “You do not have to worry about these things, for the headmaster will not get angry. However, if the headmaster become upset, I will take all the blame!”

After hearing this, the guard pondered for a moment, then nodded: “Just go then!”

Su Yun confidently walked forward.

The headmaster’s cultivation place gave a powerful aura. Firstly, to enter the area, there was a paved silver path decorated with emeralds. There were three large formation patterns that one had to cross to enter the Spirit Lake. This was the only way to arrive at the cultivation room of the headmaster, which was basically a palace.

The Demon Religion Sect was really rich. After committing countless murders over the past years, they managed to plunder a massive amount of treasure. Since the Demon Religion disciples just took all of their victims treasures, the sect was filled with all kinds of riches.

Nonetheless, the temptation of the Crescent Moon Fruit and Heavenly Crystal still attracted countless disciples to rush into the valley.

Su Yun did not actually go near the cultivation field, but he decided to observe the surrounding area.

If he went too near to the cultivation field, he feared that he would be detected by the headmaster. To increase his chance of staying hidden, Su Yun covered his body with more camouflage powder.

After a stick of incense.

Su Yun quickly left the headmaster’s cultivation area.

When he approached the guard, Su Yun did not forget to stop.

“On headmaster’s order, you shall not mention this meeting to anyone, or you will be eliminated. Understand?”

Seeing the serious expression on Su Yun, the guard nodded his head: “ I understand.”

“Very good!”

Su Yun patted the guard’s shoulder and turned to leave.

After leaving the headmaster’s area, his mission still did not end.

This was necessary to allow his plan to move forward. As long as he got results as planned, he will not get wet. (Tl: there won’t be problems)

As he remained disguised, Su Yun wandered throughout the sect, even if many places were restricted. He spent the other half of the day, and almost finished exploring the entire sect.

At dusk, he returned to black armored leader’s residence and waited inside.

This shabby room was filled with a  strange stinky smell, but Su Yun did not really are. As he jumped onto the bed, he began to cultivate the spirit qi inside his body to speed up his progression.

Then, using the sword, he began to practice a sword technique.

The basic sword technique was built on drawing out the inner spirit qi from deep inside the body. Then, it would be released to form spirit sword Qi. Although, it was very weak in its primitive state.

Although it was the <Limitless Sword Art>, it was still not easy to practice.

Any four of the swords would require a huge amount of spirit qi to break through.

For the first sword, once the stage was broken through, the person would be able to control a hundred swords to fly.

To break through the sword arts, one would need to obtain profound insights in spirit sword Qi.

Spirit Qi, was very powerful if used properly. To control it properly, the spiritual links inside the body must be honed and be allowed to connect to one’s inner core area for spirit qi. To convert the spirit qi to spirit sword Qi would be the most crucial.

Su Yun raised his hands, directing the spirit qi of his body, so that it converged on his palm.

His spirit qi began to pour out, gathering into his palm and formed into a bright blue ball. It was mesmerizing to watch.

Su Yun was stunned by the sight as he stared at the Spirit sphere he formed from his spirit qi. Then he tried to manipulate it.

While gradually twisting the ball, and after a moment, he managed to separate it into different wisps.

Then the wisps began to transform into a thin layer of film that lightly covered Su Yun’s palm.

However, the coverage was not uniform, since in some places it was more and some it was less.

The reason for this was Su Yun’s cultivation realm was not really high enough for this type of manipulation.

Although Su Yun had the memories, learning capability and the ability, he was still only at novice realm six stage cultivation. He still needed to practice hard.

Su Yun did not sleep that night and practiced until next morning.

At dawn, he stopped practicing, so that he could fetch some food. He ate a lot to recuperate and glanced outside of his window. Then he quickly left.

After about half an hour later.

There was a knock on the door.

“Black Stone Wolf! Black Stone Wolf, are you there?”

Disguised as the Demon Religion Sect, disciple Zhang Da Jiang was outside of the door.

After calculating the time, Su Yun was afraid those disciples who returned to Immortal Sword Sect would rush here immediately after they were informed of the matter.

All the disguised disciples stayed in brother Mu’s room. They just waited for the arrival of the experts to collaborate to destroy the Demon Religion Sect.

Zhang Da Jiang and his comrades wanted to notify Su Yun, but after knocking on the door for a long time, there was no reaction.

Zhang Da Jiang was frantic.

Did something happen to Sword God?

“Noisy noisy noisy. Why so noisy? Black Stone Wolf already left early in the morning, so why are you knocking on the door? Can’t you allow me to just sleep?”

Just then, the room next to the other congregation exploded in uproar.


After Zhang Da Jiang heard this, he immediately froze up.

At that moment, a light sound of a sword was rippling across the sky. After, the sound travelled and went straight to the skies of the Demon Religion Sect.

“I never thought that deep of the Crescent Valley was in possession of such a harmful sect! Good! Good! Today, I, Hurricane Blade will punish you!”

The sound rippling through the air came from four different sources.

“The four Immortal Sword Sect Elders!” Zhang Da Jiang stared blankly…


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