Chapter 15 Teaser

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Chapter 15 – Are you going to do it?

The Inner Demon Religion Hunting Halls.

“Hey, I said, how did you guys come back empty-handed? Where is the prey?”

A huge one-eyed sturdy guy clutching a bottle of wine while looking at the shaking “black armored leader,” loudly asked.

“Those bastards resisted to the bitter end. They would rather die than come with us. Their side had more people, so we could not afford to hold back. In the end, they had to be exterminated.”

The “black armored leader” Said as he sighed.

“All slaughtered?” The one-eyed man asked while he disdainfully looked at the “black armored leader’s” eyes with disdain: “No wonder the injuries you guys received were not light. However, you failed to even capture one person. You guys are trash!”

“What are you fucking saying?” The “black armored leader” (TL: going to just use Suyun, since it is too much of a hassle and confusing to writing out black armored leader) angrily said.

“What? You want to fight me?”

The one-eyed man’s voice rose an octave as he stared down at Suyun.

Suyun glanced at the man’s appearance and then quickly turned and left.

“Just a pathetic coward!” The one-eyed man said as he smiled.

Because of the injuries he “suffered,” Suyun specially requested to have a rest for two days. This will allow him to recuperate from his wounds in the cultivation room. Thankfully, it was approved.

The Immortal Sword disciples must have already informed of the event to the elders. Therefore, Suyun was very content right now. Since it was the recuperation room, then it was naturally safe. He could just wait for the reinforcements.

Nonetheless, Suyun could not afford to just wait.