Chapter 14 Teaser

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Chapter 14 – A Genuine Righteous Individual

The black armored leader of Spirit intermediate realm spirit power was sealed. Suyun began to drag him aside.

“Do you want to live?”

“I want! I beg you, please spare my life!” The black armored leader grabbed the rope binding him and whined.

“I can allow you to live, but…”

“I am willing to lead the way. I will lead you to the Demon Religion Sect!”

The black armored leader did not wait for Suyun to finish and tried to guess the meaning of the words.

But right at the next second, Suyun gave him a quick kick.

While Suyun was stepping on the black armored leader, he whispered: “Lead us! This is what you have to do, but you also have to answer me honestly for what I am about to ask.”

“Please….Please ask..” The face of the black armored leader anxiously shouted without any hesitation.

After Suyun heard this, he whispered: “ Sky Heaven Herb…is in whose hands?”

“Sky….Heaven Herb?”

“Yes! The Sky Heaven Herb is in whose hands?!” Suyun hissed as he pulled out his rusted blade against the black armored leader’s forehead.

The black armored leader was terrified. He fumbled on his next words.

“It…it…it…is…in the hands of the headmaster…”

“The headmaster has it?”  Suyun asked.