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Chapter 14 – A Genuine Righteous Individual

The black armored leader of Spirit intermediate realm spirit qi was sealed. Su Yun began to drag him aside.

“Do you want to live?”

“I want! I beg you, please spare my life!” The black armored leader grabbed the rope binding him and whined.

“I can allow you to live, but…”

“I am willing to lead the way. I will lead you to the Demon Religion Sect!”

The black armored leader did not wait for Su Yun to finish and tried to guess the meaning of the words.

But right at the next second, Su Yun gave him a quick kick.

While Su Yun was stepping on the black armored leader, he whispered: “Lead us! This is what you have to do, but you also have to answer me honestly for what I am about to ask.”

“Please….Please ask..” The face of the black armored leader anxiously shouted without any hesitation.

After Su Yun heard this, he whispered: “ Heavenly Crystal…is in whose hands?”

“Heav….Heavenly Crystal?”

“Yes! The Heavenly Crystal is in whose hands?!” Su Yun hissed as he pulled out his rusted blade against the black armored leader’s forehead.

The black armored leader was terrified. He fumbled on his next words.

“It…it…it…is…in the hands of the headmaster…”

“The headmaster has it?”  Su Yun asked.


“When is it out of his sight?”

“This…this…I do not know.”


The rusted sword pierced into the black armored leader’s forehead a little.

It started to bleed. The pain was obvious.

The black armored leader dared not to move. Once he moved, he would get stabbed and could only cry out in pain. The Immortal Sword Sect disciples were confused of what was happening

“You really do not know?” Su Yun asked one more time.

“Little one….I really do not know, uncle, I beg you to spare me….”

The black armored leader cried out. He was close to fainting.

Suddenly, the black armored leader had a thought and quickly said: “I know. I think that sometimes the leader may not wear it at that time. For sure he does not wear…”

“When?” Su Yun asked.

“At…when he is with his wife!”

“Oh? That will be night, right?”

“Not necessarily…the headmaster and his wife…..usually in the morning…”

“A good atmosphere at that time!”

Su Yun thought for a moment, then put away his sword and turned towards the Immortal Sword Sect disciples.

“What did you try to force out of him?” Senior Mu suspiciously asked.

“I asked about some rules of his murderous Demon Religion Sect. Sneaking into the gang of thieves with some knowledge will further prevent from anyone exposing us!” Su Yun laughed.

“Big brother is very careful!”

The female disciples called Mu Cheng laughed.

“Well, everybody. Take the clothes from the individuals that died. We will need them to camouflage ourselves to infiltrate the Demon Religion Sect. Everyone else who is not coming, please return to the Immortal Sword Sect and notify them! Oh, yes, they should be prepared, tell them to prepare “Ultimate Pole Technique.” Although this technique may not play a big role in the morning raid, be sure to make them prepare this technique in the morning, so it will be easy to kill the wicked headmaster of the Demon Religion Sect. This will increase the chance of winning greatly!”

“Huh? How do you know that?”

“The culprit here said it.”

The senior disciple Mu glanced at the black armored leader lying on the floor and nodded his head: “understood!”
“Well, let’s split up!”

“Are you coming with us fellow sword god?”

“Of course, this is a crime, so it my duty! How can I just ignore this?”

“Big Brother is righteous!”

Everyone exclaimed.


Following the road out of Crescent Valley would take the Immortal Sword Sect disciples two days on spirit stallion. The Immortal Sword Sect relied on themselves, so they walked here. Therefore, even if they had powerful sword and movement techniques, it would take some time to return to the Immortal Sword Sect. Nonetheless, after they notified the headmaster, he would be able to arrive instantly. Therefore, everyone just stayed here for a moment before leaving.

Surprisingly, senior Mu decided to stay.

According to him, everyone of the Demon Religion Sect had done many irreversible wicked deeds. He still was suspicious that Su Yun would give up and just return say he exterminated everyone. Therefore, it would be more satisfying to watch and see what happens.

However everyone knew, senior Mu just wanted some action during this raid. It was a great opportunity for martial contribution and promotion to elite disciples. With his arm cut off, maybe he would be allowed for promotion is he contributed something?

After the other left, there were only: Jiang Long, Bai Xiao Fei, Zhang Da Qiang, Li Xin Jian, Liu Rong Hua, Senior Mu and Cheng Mu.

These were all inner sect disciples who were strong and had courage.

Although this time was a chance of getting many rewards, but they still had to be careful of their lives. No one wanted to go first, since there were only going to be a few people. After they prepared the shadow sword technique, they were ready.

Su Yun greeted the crowd and then lead the black armored leader with the group towards the Demon Religion Sect.

“Everyone be careful. Keep a careful eye on this guy! He is very crafty and he is familiar with here. We cannot let him escape! Otherwise, our lives will be on the line!”

Senior Mu spoke weakly.

“Understood!” Jiang Long and Bai Xia Fei nodded as they were near Senior Mu.

“Senior Mu, are you alright?” The female disciple Mu Cheng asked worryingly.

“I am fine. As long as I can survive this day then the Demon Religion will be wiped out!”

Senior struggled to say.

Upon seeing this, the others remained silent.

This was life or death. If they managed to succeed, these Immortal Sword disciples would reap great benefits, gain fame and fortune. However, if they died all was lost. Therefore, everyone remained very cautious.

Soon, the black armored leader lead the crowd through a hazy fog area. As they walked through the Crescent Valley’s unique marshes, they finally came to the depths of the Crescent Valley.

The Demon Religious Sect.

“Dear uncle, this is the Demon Religious Sect.” The black armored leader terrifyingly said.

Everyone looked ahead.

The city was very impressive, deep in the valley. There was a large imposing building at the center and it was surrounded by a wide variety of other buildings. It was a magnificent sight.

However, it was still a sect. There was a formation around the entire sect and it was evident that it was enchanted. If something were to happen, the disciples inside would be immediately alerted.

The Immortal Sword Sect disciples were all surprised.

“It looks like the Demon Religion Sect is not as simple as it seems.”

“But compared to our Immortal Sword Sect, it is still far worse!”

Bai Xiao Fei disdainfully said.

“Black armored leader said that if we do not return within a day, we will arouse suspicion, so we better hurry up!”

Senior Mu spoke up.

Everyone nodded and prepared to enter.

“Wait a moment!”

Then, suddenly, Su Yun shouted.

“Everyone raised their eyebrows and ask: “What?”

Su Yun suddenly pulled out his rusted sword and quickly stabbed through the black armored leader’s heart.

The black armored leader was completely caught off guard and instantly died as the sword pierced through his heart. He fell twitching on the ground.

Everyone was stunned as their heart was caught off guard, but they soon recovered.

Everyone understood Su Yun’s actions.

If they let the black armored leader come with them, they could easily be exposed.

But they still did not feel bad for the black armored leader. There were already seven Immortal Sword Sect disciples and Su Yun. The group of thieves only had eight people, so if they brought more people, Demon Religion Sect would become suspicious. It seemed the Su Yun never intended to let the black armored leader live.

After the black armored leader died, Su Yun allowed everyone to put on the clothe of the people of the Demon Religion Sect. Then, they made sure to use the shadow sword technique for camouflage. Finally, Su Yun lead them into the Demon Religion Sect…


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