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Chapter 13 – I am called Sword God

Su Yun turned a deaf ear to the lackies’ shouts. Instead, he accelerated his pace and closed in on the south side of the black dome.

“How dare you ignore uncle, are you tired of living? I will now cut off your legs!”

The lackey was furious. He summoned up his spirit qi and rushed towards Su Yun. He was fast and angry.

Su Yun’s pace abruptly stopped and took a deep breath. Then he lifted his hands and thrust his rusted sword towards the outer black dome.

As the sword came in contact with the outer black dome, countless spirit energy ripples through the dome.

Then, an amazing scene emerged.

After gazing at the rusted sword, it actually managed to pierce through the outer black dome.

Then, the entire outer and inner dome fragmented. The absorbed spirit qi poured out, like a ruptured tank.

The Immortal Sword Sect disciples were flabbergasted as they watched the scene.

The spiritual force was immediately absorbed back into the Immortal Sword Sect disciples and they regained their former strength.


The blacked armored leader eyes opened wide and his heart filled with panic.

The situation has completely changed!

“This…what….what is this?”

“The black dome….is now broken!”

“Boy! Who are you?”

The black armored senior screamed.

This black dome although was not perfect, but it was not magic. It was a spirit array technique, so it should not have been this easy to break.

Cang Yu was still stunned of the black dome’s demise. For this mission, although he did not know much about the spirit array technique, even if it was a low level technique, the head of the sect had set it up.

“Kill! Kill him for me! Lackeys, kill him!”

The black armored leader was consumed by rage as he roared.

But right at the next second, he was surrounded by Immortal Sword Sect disciples.

The black armored leader was shocked and quickly tried to retreat. After rolling away to dodge the incoming sword strikes, he began to see countless Immortal Sword Sect disciples moving to assault him.

The black dome took many of the Immortal Sword Sect spirit qi and lowered them many stages. However, now that the dome was destroyed, and the disciples regained most of their former spirit qi, what was there to fear with over twenty different disciples?

“Kill the gang of thieves! Take revenge for brother Lu and Yu Mu!”

A disciple of the Immortal Sword Sect shouted.


Everyone shouted.

The lack armored leader face paled as he saw the situation completely change. He quickly shouted: “ Withdraw!”

The wicked group hurried to flee, but did not go far, before the disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect caught up.

Except for the black armored leader, every other member of wicked group was decapitated.

The situation had completely reversed!

The Immortal Sword Sect disciples escorted back the black armored leader.

“Bring him back and sacrifice him for fellow Lu!”

“Let him kneel in front of brother Lu’s corpse!”

“Cut off his head!”

The Immortal Sword Sect disciples clamored.

The black armored leader was now utterly terrified to the point that a he smelled of urine now. He begged for mercy, but it had no effect.

The black armored leader had humiliated the Immortal Sword disciples, so why would he have mercy?

A disciple raised his sword and the tip pointed at the black armored leader’s neck. He was ready to decapitate the black armored leader.

“Let us not hurry to kill this guy. Killing him now would be useless!”

The nearby Su Yun analyzing the situation, decided to speak up.

The people focused on the Su Yun.

After the Immortal Sword Sect disciples heard this, they looked at Su Yun and decided to stop their actions for now.

“I thank you senior. If senior did not manage to get rid of the black dome, I am afraid that everyone here would have already died to the Demon Religion Sect!”

Many of the Immortal Sword disciples came over to thank Su Yun.

“Do not mention it. it is a small matter. Everyone would have done the same. I heard your plight and I happened to pass by. How could I not help you guys?”

Su Yun said.

A saint.

The words made many of the disciples hearts warm. Many of the disciples now had a very good impression of Su Yun.

“What a chivalrous heart! I need to make you my role model!”

“Do not call me that, for I have still not entered the spirit intermediate realm yet! Just call me Sword God!” Su Yun lied.

“Still haven’t entered the spirit intermediate realm?” Everyone was taken aback.

With only a cultivation of spirit novice realm, he still dared to travel alone in the Crescent Valley. Isn’t this just courting death?

However, after observing Su Yun easily breaking the black dome, Su Yun was not normal. No one here would dare to look down on him.

“Why? Why should we just not kill him? They are murderer!” Before the elder disciple of the Immortal could speak, a female disciples interrupted as she looked at Su Yun.

“Yes, he should be hacked into piece!”

“A thousand piece! This bastard, we do not even know how many people he murdered!”

The disciples clamored. They were filled with resentment for the black armored leader.

The black armored leader trembled as he stayed kneeling on the ground.

Su Yun nodded: “ You say you guys want revenge, but if just kill him, you will cut off all leads. The Demon Religion Sect is hidden in the Crescent Valley. Without him, how would you guys find it? Leave him alive, so after you notify your Immortal Sword Sect, you can obtain revenge for your comrades. We cannot let this Demon Religion Sect to continue to exist in this world! We have to cut off all its roots!”

“Brother is right, we should immediately notify the elders in our faction of what happened today!”

“Let’s quickly leave the Crescent Valley and return to our sect now!”

“Brother Mu also needs treatment! Let’s hurry back!”

“Move Move!”

Disciples yelled. They made their decision.

They did not want to stay in this haunting place for one more moment.

After Su Yun heard this, he quickly said: “Wait!”

“Brother, what do you need?” Disciple Mu asked.

“If you leave now, we would be exposed?”


“Yes!” Su Yun nodded and continued: “ These dead bunch of thieves will be found out later. Once the head inspects the area, I’m afraid that by the time the Immortal Sword Sect elders arrive back, the Demon Religion Sect will have already left the Crescent Valley! Once they leave, they threaten the entire continent!”

After his remark, everyone began to think.

“What brother said was right! Brothers and sisters, we cannot just go!”

Just then, the female disciple with reddened cheeks from before glanced at Su Yun. She agreed with what he said.

“But if we don’t go, how can we wipe out the Demon Religion Sect?”

“We cannot accomplish this!”

“Since big brother thought about this, he must have a plan, right?”

“A Plan?” In fact it is very simple. Some disciples just need to blend in with the Demon Religion Sect and infiltrate it. Then they can destroy it within! The rest can return back to the sect.”

“Blend in with the Demon Religion Sect?”

Everyone was shocked: “ Is this not just courting death?”

“We will not die!”

Su Yun glanced at the senior disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect and was surprised to find he raised his eyes. A few of the disciples lined with the wounded brother and some others made the other line.

“Mu brother, I heard that you guys have sword techniques called “Sword Shadow,” which with the help of applying spiritual force on the surface of the body, it will act as camouflage! Right?”

Brother Mu was shocked: “No one is supposed to know about this technique outside of Immortal Sword Sect. How did you get this knowledge?”

“Ha ha, I have friends in the Immortal Sword Sect!” Su Yun laughed as he thought of his past.

After brother Mu heard this, his concern disappeared. Then he said: “ We are Immortal Sword Disciples, so we naturally learn Sword Shadow.”

“Very good.” Su Yun nodded. Then he continued: “ We will use this techniques to disguise ourselves and teach the Demon Religion Sect a lesson!”

“These poor skills will be easily discovered by their leader! Impossible! Impossible!” Brother Mu shaked his head hastily.

“These evildoers, although they might be stronger than me, but they are only at spirit intermediate realm. They should be taught a lesson. We will mix in with the masters, so we won’t be seen through! Brother Mu, rest assured!”


“Brother Mu, do you forget the principles of the Immortal Sword Sect? This is for the benefit of the common people! It will benefit the people! Furthermore, once we successfully destroy the Demon Religion Sect, there will be many rewards waiting inside. There must be many powerful techniques and only fear is holding us back! You want fame, but are afraid to go out in the world!”

Su Yun said.

Hearing this, brother Mu relented.

Common people? What benefits for the common people? He did not care. He cares about the opportunities for himself and the practitioners. He cared about the sect.

This was an opportunity, an opportunity that every practitioner cherished, even if there are risks.

“Fine. I will agree with this method!”

Finally, brother Mu had made his decision.

Su Yun nodded his head: “You inform your people, since you are injured. Except for me, select seven other people to come with me and teach the head of the Demon Religion Sect a lesson! Bring the leader to lead us there!”

“The murderer should be killed!” Brother Mu said as his eyes filled with distrust. As he remembered the excruciating pain in his arm, his eyes passed over to the enemy with killing intent.

“But not now!”

After Su Yun finished, he began to walk towards the black armored leader.


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