Chapter 13 Teaser

Hey everyone, how is their day going? Anyways here is the ch 13 teaser as promised. Also, if you haven’t noticed, I added a glossary + a few useful terms and etc. The FAQ became a separate section, since I doubt few people read it. Also as for the release of ch13, the earliest time for release will be Thursday night @ like 12 am, but most likely it will be around noon on Friday.

Without further ado, here is the teaser (does lessen the cliffhanger a bit)

Chapter 13 – I am called Sword God

Suyun turned a deaf ear to the lackies’ shouts. Instead, he accelerated his pace and closed in on the south side of the black dome.

“How dare you ignore uncle, are you tired of living? I will now cut off your legs!”

The lackey was furious. He summoned up his spiritual power and rushed towards Suyun. He was fast and angry.

Suyun’s pace abruptly stopped and took a deep breath. Then he lifted his hands and thrust his rusted sword towards the outer black dome.

As the sword came in contact with the outer black dome, countless spirit energy ripples through the dome.

Then, an amazing scene emerged.

After gazing at the rusted sword, it actually managed to pierce through the outer black dome.

Then, the entire outer and inner dome fragmented. The absorbed spiritual power poured out, like a ruptured tank.

The Immortal Sword Sect disciples were flabbergasted as they watched the scene.

The spiritual force was immediately absorbed back into the Immortal Sword Sect disciples and they regained their former strength.


The blacked armored leader eyes opened wide and his heart filled with panic.

The situation has completely changed!