Chapter 26 Teaser

I’m pretty busy as always, cya on Friday for full chapter 😛 Here is your teaser Advertisements

2nd Month Recap

Alright guys, it has been 2 months since this translation site has gone active. Thank you to everyone who comes to my website to read my translations! Also thank you for everyone’s support 😀

Chapter 25 Teaser

Alright, been really busy this weekend, sorry about posting the teaser a bit late, so a bit longer teaser 😛 On the side note, chapter 2 is edited by Brian, so thanks to him. Also, a warning, the next few chapters will all be fights, so it will have many cliffhangers

Chapter 24 Teaser

Alright, so the release time of ch24 will be still Saturday, but @ 5-6 PM EST (New York Time). Anyways, enjoy the teaser 🙂