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Chapter 12 – The Wicked Disciples

These Immortal Sword Sect disciples, under the effect of the black energy that covered the disciples with hazy gas, slowly weakened them. The spirit qi that the disciples had became more and more weak. They tried to break free from the black energy dome, but they found out that they were just trapped in there.

“Haha, how is there so many people? I did not think, ah, I did not expect that we would actually catch some fish!”

The eldest disciple eyes shown with greed as he examined every disciple from the Immortal Sword Sect. He finally stopped at the sight of several female disciples who were very pretty. As he looked at the graceful figures of the female disciples, his mouth dripped with saliva.

“So much prey! Master will reward us for sure! Ha ha, we won big!”

“Ah! It’s a great harvest!”

The group of black armored men happily exclaimed.

Seeing the threatening behavior of the people that just came, the cross-legged disciples got up from the floor and equipped their swords. Everyone stood up and stared at the black armored cultivators with alertness.

“Who are you guys?”

The senior Immortal Sword Sect disciple asked.

“It does not matter,” the black armored eldest disciple laughed: “I’ll give you some advice, as long as you do not resist, you will survive. If you do, you might not live to see tomorrow!”

“Do you know who we are?”

The black armored eldest disciple questioned: “Who?”

“We are from the Immortal Sword Sect. The head sent us on a mission to obtain the Crescent Moon Fruit. If you dare touch us, you will certainly be killed by the Spirit Sage of our Immortal Sword Sect!” (TL: if you forgot, sage is the 9th realm, 2nd highest known to us right now) Not waiting for the senior disciple to begin speaking, a disciple near the senior arrogantly said.

But right at the next moment, a black tiger blade instantly shot towards the young disciple and instantly cut him in half.


The disciple died!

A fountain of blood poured out from the two halves of the body.


The Immortal Sword Sect disciples panicked.

“Fellow disciple Lu!”

The Immortal Sword Sect disciples complexions paled. The females were affected even more, eyes opened wide from shock.

“You!” The senior Immortal Sword Sect disciple was greatly startled and immediately glared at the viscous looking people.

“Immortal Sword Sect, so what?” The black armored leader sneers: “We of Demon Religion Sect are not afraid of your sect! Obediently follow us, since the black dome has already absorbed most of your spirit qi. Your strength is at most only at the fifth stage of the novice realm. If you resist, you will be cut down instantly!”

The Immortal Sword Sect senior disciple face color changed, since nobody did not think that the extremely dangerous Crescent Valley would have such a wicked sect. It was atrocious!

“The Demon Religion? Is it….were those who came before looking for the Crescent fruit were all executed or captured by you?” A female disciple suddenly asked.

“Ha ha ha ha, yes! Our head practices the <Ultimate Devil Friend Arts>, which requires sacrifices of those who have spirit cultivation. Therefore, we also released rumours of “Heavenly Crystal, ” which attracted numerous people here for a treasure hunt! The Crescent Moon Fruit is enticing, but only to those who have low cultivation levels. The Heavenly Crystal will attract spiritual cultivators of higher ranks! Because of this, the head of our sect have been progressing quickly from the Ultimate Devil Fiend Arts. Soon he will be a figure that will dominate the continent, ha ha ha …”

The black armored leader laughed, he already began to have thoughts of drinking will beauties that he captured today.

“So the Heavenly Crystal is a scam! It was just bait!”
“Scam? No no no. This was not a hoax, we do have Heavenly Crystal in the Demon Religion Sect, but it is in the hands of our head. Why do we have to be afraid of the Immortal Sword Sect? Not to mention, even if we killed you, the Immortal Sword Sect would think that the spiritual beasts have killed you.No one will think of the Demon Religion Sect! You guys have no hope, go with us and you will be allowed to live. If you do not come, then you will be cut down right here!”

The black armored leader of the group was wickedly grinning as he spoke.

However, the Immortal Sword Sect understood, even if it was hopeless they must not surrender. Even if they complied, the Demon Religion would have to silence them to ensure that their presence was kept a secret.

“You bastards! Damn bastards!”

“Let’s fight them! Even if we die, we will fight!”

“Then, let’s fight them!”

The young female and male disciples did not surrender and everyone began shouting.

The Demon Religion Group frowned.

If the other group refused to cooperate, there will be little trouble. After all, they were only at stage five of spirit novice realm.

“Seems like you do not know when there is a great offer in front of you!”

The black armored leader lifted his tiger blade and slashed through the air as a warning.

Senior Mu of Immortal Sword Sect seeing this, could not bear it.


Right after he uttered these words, he dashed towards the black armored leader and clashed swords with him.


Senior Mu was being overpowered, his spiritual force was overwhelmed and the enemy’s spiritual force burst through his defences. Senior Mu could not support the Spiritual Force in his sword. Senior Mu was forcefully sent back as one of his arms were cut off.

Senior Mu was weakened by the black dome, how could his strength compare to his opponent?

“Senior Mu!”

The other disciples prepared to charged forward and aimed their swords at the black armored leader.

“Anyone who dares challenge me will be punished!”

The black armored leader brutally roared.

Everyone was shocked to their wits. After seeing the hot-blooded youth, the revolt in the hearts of the Sword Sect immediately died down. They still had a fierce fire in their eyes, but they were unwilling to retaliate against the Demon Religion group.

There were many powerful disciples here, but under the black dome’s effect, the Immortal Sword Sect disciples were under a disadvantage. They were now only slightly higher than the average stage of cultivation, how could they resist these professionals?

The Immortal Sword Sect disciples began to feel despair. A lot of people did not know whether to follow or resist.


Just then, a sound came from near the outer black dome.

Very loud.

Everyone turned to look at the source of the sound.

They saw a plain cultivator, carrying a sword hilt step out from the woods.

Su Yun’s eyes carefully observed the black armored leader, and quietly walked towards the black dome.

The young man gave a very SOLEMN performance.

No surprise, no sorrow and no joy.

He seemed to have only one goal.

He was flanking the Demon Religion group!

“I am a spiritual cultivator!”

“Oh, more prey? Low strength too, ha!”

“One more is one more! Pretty good, right?”

The black armored leader laughed loudly, then shouted: “Lackies, go bring him to the Immortal Sword Sect disciples. Also, take care of the Immortal Sword Sect disciples! If he or them resist….just kill them!”


Then, seven members of the Demon Religion Group attacked.

“You….you….do not come near me!”

A trembling female disciples said as she looked at the black armored disciples moved closer.

“Fucking bitch! You want to flee? I will make sure you die!”

The black armored leader grabbed a female disciple and evilly smiled.

“Let her go!”

A male disciple roared as he attacked.

However, right at the next second, the black armored leader kicked the disciple to the ground. The disciple struggled to get up and coughed up blood.

“A group of useless cultivators dare resist us? This black dome allows us to use our full strength while you guys are greatly weakened. It was designed by the head, it is stupid to think you could beat us right now!”

The black armored leader said disdainfully. Then he pulled the female disciple clumsily out of the smaller black dome.

It was chaos.

The other lackies confronted Su Yun.

“Hey brat! Quickly come here or uncle will kill you!”

A lackey equipped with a large hammer while shouting directly at Su Yun.


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