Chapter 12 Teaser

Alright here is how release schedule will usually work. Since my classes are stacked on Tuesday, Wednesday (Afternoon-evening) and Thursday, I will usually release on Fridays/Saturdays and Wednesday (morning New York time).

So far, I’m able to translate for like 20-45 min/day without getting bored. At max, I can do like a bit over an hour and I need to stop. Anyways, that is just how it is, so release might be fast during Fridays, but slower during the midweek.

I also work 18 hours during weekend, so that’s why weekend I can’t increase translation speed.

Anyways here is the teaser. (warning: worst cliffhanger so far)


Chapter 12 – The Wicked Disciples

These Immortal Sword Sect disciples, under the effect of the black energy that covered the disciples with hazy gas, slowly weakened them. The spiritual power that the disciples had became more and more weak. They tried to break free from the black energy dome, but they found out that they were just trapped in there.

“Haha, how is there so many people? I did not think, ah, I did not expect that we would actually catch some fish!”

The eldest disciple eyes shown with greed as he examined every disciple from the Immortal Sword Sect. He finally stopped at the sight of several female disciples who were very pretty. As he looked at the graceful figures of the female disciples, his mouth dripped with saliva.

“So much prey! Master will reward us for sure! Ha ha, we won big!”

“Ah! It’s a great harvest!”

The group of black armored men happily exclaimed.

Seeing the threatening behavior of the people that just came, the cross-legged disciples got up from the floor and equipped their swords. Everyone stood up and stared at the black armored cultivators with alertness.

“Who are you guys?”

The senior Immortal Sword Sect disciple asked.

“It does not matter,” the black armored eldest disciple laughed: “I’ll give you some advice, as long as you do not resist, you will survive. If you do, you might not live to see tomorrow!”

“Do you know who we are?”

The black armored eldest disciple questioned: “Who?”

“We are from the Immortal Sword Sect. The head sent us on a mission to obtain the Crescent Moon Fruit. If you dare touch us, you will certainly be killed by the Spirit Sage of our Immortal Sword Sect!” (TL: if you forgot, sage is the 9th realm, 2nd highest known to us right now) Not waiting for the senior disciple to begin speaking, a disciple near the senior arrogantly said.

But right at the next moment, a black tiger blade instantly shot towards the young disciple and instantly cut him in half.


The disciple died!

A fountain of blood poured out from the two halves of the body.


The Immortal Sword Sect disciples panicked.

“Fellow disciple Lu!”


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