Chapter 11 Teaser

Alright, I updated the manga link, since the previous site did not load for me, although it still only goes up to chapter 15. (Raw Manga Click Here!, also on the index page)

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Anyways, I seem to be on schedule, new chapter should be up on Monday at latest, possibly earlier, but don’t count on it.

Anyways here is the teaser, read at your own risk . (The cliffhanger gets worse….lol)


Chapter 11 – Secrets of the Crescent Valley

Suyun’s face paled, glanced in front of him and saw that not far from him emerged a purple horned “Steel Armored Leopard.”

The Steel Armored Leopard: A spirit beast of the intermediate level, stage one. It was extremely agile, astounding defense, and if one did not know its weakness, a cultivator of the novice level would have no way to harm this spirit beast.

Suyun heart raced a bit, but he did not retreat. Instead, he pulled out his rusted sword.

Nonetheless, the difference in strength was still four stages.

Although Suyun was very familiar with the Steel Armored Leopard, but it was only in books and classes. He still had no real combat experience, even in his past life, he did not fight many spirit beasts.

In front of him, the roads joined together to form a dead end.

He secretly looked around, after thinking for a moment, he suddenly moved!

He turned around and fled.


However, once the Steel Armored Leopard found its prey, it would never let it get away. It immediately caught up with Suyun. It was as fast as the wind and instantly shortened the distance between it and Suyun.

Suyun only ran a few steps. Then he jumped using both legs onto the side and jumped past the leopard, climbed up the side of a cliff, quickly went up five meters. With a quick glance, his hands latched on the protruding rocks of the cliff, and stayed up in the air.

The Steel Armored Leopard leaped as high as it could, but only reached a height of four meters before it fell back to the ground.


The Steel Armored Leopard was circling around Suyun. One could see the unwillingness in its eyes. It was waiting for Suyun and gave Suyun an intense glare.


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