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Chapter 11 – Secrets of the Crescent Valley

Su Yun’s face paled, glanced in front of him and saw that not far from him emerged a purple horned “Steel Armored Leopard.”

The Steel Armored Leopard: A spirit beast of the intermediate level, stage one. It was extremely agile, astounding defense, and if one did not know its weakness, a cultivator of the novice level would have no way to harm this spirit beast.

Su Yun heart raced a bit, but he did not retreat. Instead, he pulled out his rusted sword.

Nonetheless, the difference in strength was still four stages.

Although Su Yun was very familiar with the Steel Armored Leopard, but it was only in books and classes. He still had no real combat experience, even in his past life, he did not fight many spirit beasts.

In front of him, the roads joined together to form a dead end.

He secretly looked around, after thinking for a moment, he suddenly moved!

He turned around and fled.


However, once the Steel Armored Leopard found its prey, it would never let it get away. It immediately caught up with Su Yun. It was as fast as the wind and instantly shortened the distance between it and Su Yun.

Su Yun only ran a few steps. Then he jumped using both legs onto the side and jumped past the leopard, climbed up the side of a cliff, quickly went up five meters. With a quick glance, his hands latched on the protruding rocks of the cliff, and stayed up in the air.

The Steel Armored Leopard leaped as high as it could, but only reached a height of four meters before it fell back to the ground.


The Steel Armored Leopard was circling around Su Yun. One could see the unwillingness in its eyes. It was waiting for Su Yun and gave Su Yun an intense glare.

While its body was sturdy, it still had one disadvantage. Its body was still very heavy, so although it could travel very fast on the ground, it was difficult for it to jump very high.

However, the Steel Armored Leopard did not seem to give up.

Then it began to slowly back away, while glaring at Su Yun carefully. It growled as its hind legs tensed up, ready to jump again.

Looking at the situation, the Steel Armored Leopard was prepared to go all out to capture Su Yun. Its idea seemed to have a running start to leap up and rip Su Yun off the cliff.

The time was in the essence.

Su Yun stared at the sprinting Steel Armored Leopard. His body tensed and gripped his rusted sword tightly. He narrowed his eyes to focus on the Steel Armored Leopard’s forehead.

There, on the forehead was a slit, that had a dark yellow color, slightly different from the armor that covered his skin. It was the Steel Armored Leopard Achilles heel, a hole in its defence.

During the sprint, the Steel Armored Leopard will be focused on getting speed and keeping its mouth closed.

When the height is reached, the Steel Armored Leopard will open its mouth.

Su Yun must take action during this situation, right before the Steel Armored Leopard can attack!

His eyes began to focus, not giving an ounce of slacking.

There was only one chance.

Just as the Steel Armored Leopard leaped into the air, Su Yun decided to make his move. The Steel Armored Leopard did not open its mouth yet. Su Yun let go of the cliff and clasping the rusted sword, he directed a vicious stab towards the weakness of the Steel Armored Leopard.


Su Yun shouted, from the momentum. He infused all his spirit qi in the rusty sword.


The Rusted Sword was piercing!


The Steel Armored Leopard immediately issued a painful roar After its attack was interrupted, its entire body began to fall from the sky.

With the momentum, the rusted sword had actually pierced through the brain of the spirit beast.

The Steel Armored Leopard was not going to live.


A spirit beast of the first stage in the intermediate level was still stronger than the novice realm Su Yun was in.Right after they landed, the Steel Armored Leopard struggled on its feet and used its fierce claws to slash at Su Yun.

Su Yun was startled and hastily pushed the leopard back with his rusted sword.

However, Su Yun was a step too late. His chest was slashed by the claws and a few drops of blood dripped through.

Then, the Steel Armored Leopard was driven back by Su Yun, it decided it did not want to continue the fight and fled with all its might.

Although Su Yun wanted to give a chase, he was not as fast as the leopard, so he gave up.

Although basically killed the Steel Armored Leopard, he did not get off cheap. He still got injured and did not have any spoils from it.

In the end, he did not have enough combat experience.

He took out a box of quick healing paste and applied it on his chest. The wounds soon began to mend themselves and the blood stop flowing out.

After straightening himself a bit, he got up and continued forward.

During the walk through the path he was on, he met a lot of powerful spirit beasts. He fled each time, only to find more spirit beasts.

His only emergency item for preserving his life was the stealth talismans. However, he could only use it during the ten days and it only lasted for 10 seconds. Then the talisman would be useless.

Therefore, he carefully trekked through the valley for two days and still did not find the main “Sky hands” trail. His fast healing paste supply was becoming dangerously low.

Under the pressure, Su Yun had thoughts of retreating.

Seeing the the hazy fog of Crescent Valley, Su Yun sighed and began to turn around.


Burst of footsteps came from the valley.

He was slightly surprised, but focused his ears to listen for the moment.

Yes, there were footsteps, but also sounds that vaguely sounded like laughter.

This place has people?

Su Yun was curious. He stealthily sneaked behind a rock and carefully hid from view.

Su Yun could hear the conversation, because he was not that far away. He examined their cultivation levels and they did not appear to be experts. They were either all Spirit Novice or Spirit Intermediate disciples.

As the footsteps went closer to Su Yun, he slowly peeked his head over the rock.

He saw a group dressed in black clothes and yellow armor. A huge man with a sword in hand emerged from the ravine in front of the rock that Su Yun was behind.

These people were all spirit soldiers in the early stages of their realm. They were well equipped, each carrying a weapon that had powerful spirit qi, which in their hands could cause fatal damage when used with spiritual force.

“Ha ha ha, I did not expect the trap to actually catch some prey. let’s see if I managed to capture any female spirit cultivators. If there is one, I will get first pick! Alright?”

A strong and hearty cultivator laughed.

“Eldest brother has spoken, so how can we disagree? You pick first!”
“He he, if there is a pure white faced male spirit cultivator, do not challenge me!” A skinny, sunken eyed cultivator licked his chapped lips as he laughed.

“Fuck you! We only had a taste, how about you pick slowly. Anyways, leader should take charge, how about we just toss a coin for it!”

“It’s been a long time since we had prey, let’s give them a painful death!”

“Move aside, do not let these guys escape from the trap!”

The eldest cultivator shouted and the crowd quickly accelerated.

Prey? Trap?

Su Yun was curious.

Where did these guys come from?

The Crescent Valley actually has people? This ghostly place, where even spirit intermediate disciples were scared to enter.

Nonetheless, these guys might know where the “Heavenly Crystal” is.

Su Yun thought about it for a moment and then quietly followed.

These people seemed to be very familiar with the area. They easily avoided the spirit beasts inside the valley. They soon quickly arrived at the Central Valley.

In the center of the valley, there was a large black hemisphere of energy covering the open area. It seemed like a huge hood that covered a part of the central valley.

Su Yun was hidden at the side and analyzing the situation.

He saw the cultivators went up to the black hemisphere. He stood in front and chanted a few spells and a small crack appear. The cultivator grinned and went inside.

In the black hemisphere, a group of about twenty young men and woman were trapped in a smaller black hemisphere.

Everyone was wearing a uniform was a red uniform with a red cross symbol. Everyone was equipped with a jade token and a sword.

These were Immortal Sword Sect disciples!


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