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Chapter 10 – The Lost Treasures

The rebirth was still too sudden, and Su Yun did not remember too much about this mission. However, he still needed to customize his plan.

Currently, he still needed to enhance his strength.

Furthermore, the Crescent Moon Fruit area in the Crescent Valley was not easy to get to. It was reported, that even though it can greatly increase cultivation, it also had almost no defects. Even novice disciples could easily digest it.

The Crescent Moon Fruit was amazing, but it was not readily available. This was because the mysterious Crescent Valley was very dangerous. Countless people entered the Crescent Valley only to never return.

Su Yun did not know what happened to them, but he was not unfamiliar with Crescent Valley. He even knew the actual place where the Crescent Moon Fruit grew.

“As long as I took care of the guardian beasts there, I will be able to easily obtain the fruit. With the fruit, I will be able to increase my cultivation stages or even jump to the next realm. It would be a great help!”

Su Yun said, thought for a moment, then continued walking toward the side of a shop.

“Shopkeeper, give me two bottles of “Gu Beast Skin Powder.” Su Yun talked directly to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper responded: “Respected customer, I will immediately get them for you!” The shopkeeper shouted loudly and went to prepare the goods.

The Gu Beast Skin Powder was from high level beasts, most of the beasts were stronger than stage one spirit tigers and even stage two spirit beasts. Therefore, these were very valuable in Mirror Lake Town, so  few were sold. Mostly, these were sold to the disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect.

Of course, the high level spirit beast materials, which were sky high, could only yield a little grinded powder from their skin. Su Yun had to pay two thousand spirit coins.

“One bottle of mass spirit powder, three boxes of fast healing ointment, a stealth talisman, a bottle of camouflage powder and a low level spatial ring.”

Su Yun shouted the items he needed one by one. The treasurer was soon ready, and was paid. Su Yun was left with only three thousand three hundred and fifty-four spirit coins.

These items could easily be found in the Sky Sun Auction House, but a small shop was more cost effective for low level items.

After stuffing the three items in his spatial ring, he jumped up on the saddle of his black stallion and rode into the Crescent Valley.

Mirror Lake Town was pretty far away from the Crescent Valley Lake. The spirit stallion ride lasted about half a day to reach the destination.

Of course, the most important treasure of the Crescent Valley was not the Crescent Moon Fruit, it was the majestic treasure: “Heavenly Crystal.”

“Heavenly Crystal” was something that many people did not know about, but the rumors of the treasures were very fierce.

Although Su Yun’s main goal was to find some Crescent Moon Fruit, if he could find the “Sky Hand’s” trail and obtain it. Then this adventure would bring countless benefits.

Rumors of the “Heavenly Crystal” were very little. It’s grade was unknown. If this thing was close to what it was said to be, then Su Family’s painstaking search would be justified. However, they searched for several days and never found anything, even the cultivators nearly died.

A day and a half later.

Su Yun smoothly travelled to the valley’s mouth.

Inside the valley, there was lush vegetation and sounds of birds and animals.

Su Yun dismounted, removed the camouflage powder, spread it evenly on his clothes and proudly entered.

The camouflage powder prevented Su Yun’s scent from traveling through the valley, allowing him to avoid many spirit beasts. Of course, the powder’s effect on high level beasts would not be really obvious.

Su Yun walked along the route near the water.

Following the path of the Crescent Valley, he soon stopped at a five forked path. He chose the far right one and continued forth to an open area.

The open area had a lot of vegetation. Yet directly in the middle of this, there was a giant tree, with a height of nearly twenty meters, with flourishing branches, and fiery red leaves. If one was looking from a distance, if there was wind blowing, it would look like a fire was burning.

On top of the tree, a fist-sized fruit was hanging.

It was the Crescent Moon Fruit.

There was only one fruit on the tree. Once it was picked, the tree would wither in a few days and a hundred more years would be required to harvest another fruit.

However, retrieving the Crescent Moon Fruit was not easy. This was because a “Jade Fire Beast” was usually around the Crescent Moon Fruit Tree.

The “Jade Fire Beast” also wanted to devour the ripe fruit, which would allow it to advance into a higher order of beasts: “Jade Fire Lord.”  To obtain the Crescent Moon Fruit, you would probably have to have spirit strength matching the “Jade Fire Beast,” but this was not usually the case, so many people were eaten by the Jade Fire Beast.

Su Yun’s eyes locked onto the Crescent Moon Fruit. He immediately took the Gu Beast Skin Powder and threw it into the air.

After the powder into the air, it was quickly spread by the wind.

A few seconds later.


A menacing roar pierced the silence. The ground began to shake as heavily trampling sounds moved away from Su Yun’s area. Many weaker spirit beasts fled the area. A fierce beast shadow was seen moving away from the area.

Like all living things, the Jade Fire Beasts had many natural enemies. However, the spirit beast used to make the Gu Beast Skin Powder was one of the Jade Fire Beast’s main predators, one of the creatures it feared.

“The Jade Fire Beast left!” Although it fled quickly from fear, once the Gu Beast Skin Powder dissipated, the Jade Fire Beast would quickly return. Time was running out, Su Yun did not hesitate, he quickly climbed the tree and carefully picked the Crescent Moon Fruit.

The aroma of the Crescent Moon Fruit was evident, it exuded a succulent fragrance, making Su Yun swallow his saliva in anticipation. Nonetheless, he jumped down from the tree and quickly left.

Within an hour of being picked,the Crescent Moon Fruit would give the most benefits.

Su Yun quickly found a safe place and took a large bite.

After it was eaten, Su Yun’s chest began to heat up immediately, as if a fire ignited in his chest.

Immediately, he sat down cross-legged and began to meditate. Throughout his whole body, a mysterious spiritual atmosphere suddenly emerged.

Su Yun shook and quickly verified what had occurred. He was surprised to find his own spiritual level power actually jumped a stage!

The power of human muscles came from the blood vessels connected to the spirit core. The spirit core determined how fast was spirit qi recovery. At stage six cultivation, most cultivators had only a rating of forty for spirit core power, but Su Yun had a spirit core power of one hundred and ten.

He directly went to the seventh stage cultivation and was not far from the peak.

Su Yun was ecstatic.

The excitement he had in his heart was unprecedented.

“Finally, I have reached the seventh stage! I finally entered the the seventh stage…”

He muttered as his whole body was trembling with excitement.

After years of dreaming, he finally realized today.

Unfortunately, there was only one Crescent Moon Fruit, otherwise he would eat the fruit over and over again.

Soon after, Su Yun decided to go to the next Crescent Moon Tree. Once again, Su Yun spread the Gu Beast Skin Powder into the air, got another fruit for completing the task he accepted. Su Yun wanted to get more fruits, but he only had memory of three different places. Unfortunately, the third place was too dangerous and too difficult to obtain the fruit.

After obtaining the second fruit, he was in no hurry to leave. Instead, he continued deeper into Crescent Valley.

Next up, finding “Heavenly Crystal.”


Just then, a muffled roar came from in front of Su Yun….


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