Chapter 10 Teaser + Poll results

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So here is how the poll modified the release schedule. I will still do like 1 chapter/week, but the releases will probably be 1 – 3 days earlier than the set release date. Of course, the next release will then be moved up also. The extra chapters will come when I have extra time, like a break or something.

So for now, until I get bombarded by assignments, exams, etc. I will be able to probably get a chapter out every 3-5 days instead of 7 days.

Anyways here is the teaser 🙂 (read at your own risk):

Chapter 10 – The Lost Artifacts

The rebirth was still too sudden, and Suyun did not remember too much about this mission. However, he still needed to customize his plan.

Currently, he still needed to enhance his strength.

Furthermore, the Crescent Moon Fruit area in the Crescent Valley was not easy to get to. It was reported, that even though it can greatly increase cultivation, it had almost no defects. Even novice disciples could easily digest it.

The Crescent Moon Fruit was amazing, but it was not readily available. This was because the mysterious Crescent Valley was very dangerous. Countless people entered the Crescent Valley only to never return.

Suyun did not know what happened to them, but he was not unfamiliar with Crescent Valley. He even knew the actual place where the Crescent Moon Fruit grew.

“As long as he took care of the guardian beasts there, I will be able to easily obtain the fruit. With the fruit, I will be able to increase his stages or even jump to the next realm. It would be a great help!”

Suyun said, thought for a moment, then continued walking toward the side of a shop.

“Shopkeeper, give me two bottles of “Beast Skin Powder.” Suyun talked directly to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper responded:”Respected customer, I will immediately get them for you!” The shopkeeper shouted loudly and went to prepare the goods.