Chapter 9 Teaser

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Chapter 9 – The Crescent Moon Fruit

The Limitless Sword Arts was composed of amazing swordplay techniques, able to dominate ten million ordinary swordsmen.

However, even the first sword form of the first sword techniques were not easy to practice.

To master the first sword form, the swordplay must be accurate, smooth, and quick. Suyun would need to refine his swordplay before he mastered his first goal: the first sword form.

The Sword hilt was powerful beyond imagination, which woud cause amazement from anyone who could recognize the sword hilt’s abilities.

This sword hilt was not ordinary, it was a space sword hilt.

Within the sword hilt, there was: 180 000 novice swords, 150 000 refined swords, 2995 origin swords, and 5 godswords.

If one was able to control all the swords inside the space hilt, the person would be able to easily dominate the world and become a peerless sword god.

However, none of these swords were regular swords. To train with any of the swords, the person would have become one with each of the sword, for each sword was different. Suyun would only begin to prctice the <Limitless Sword Arts>  first form of the four sword forms, before returning back to the continent.

After returning to his black horse, it found it still resting by the tree.

Suyun fed the black horse some more horse feed. After resting for half an hour, he rode the horse out of the plains.

After returning to the main roads, Suyun became much more comfortable, because he was familiar with travelling by these roads. Even if he left the Su Family, he would be able to survive because of his vast knowledge of medicine and unparalleled survival techniques.

But he had no intention to leave the Su Family.

It was not only that Qing Er was still part of the Su Family. The Su Family influence and power culd not be underestimated. Furthermore the training conditions the Su Family provided was still exceptional compared to other places in the continent.

Suyun followed the routine of feeding his horse, taking a few minutes to rest and then back on the trail. He was able to ride like the wind.

Suyun’s pack was filled with materials from the Everlasting Tiger’s den. If the materials was found out by the Su Family, it would cause a lot of attention to be focused on Suyun.

The Everlasting Tiger was not a beast that anyone could win against. With Suyun’s poor abilities, how could he obtain the body parts of an Everlasting Tiger?

Therefore, he intentionally made a detour, so that he would avoid his home. Instead, he went to a small town in the outskirts of the Su Family’s domain: Mirror Lake Town.

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