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Chapter 7 – The Seven Limitless Swords

“<The Limitless Sword Arts>? Who are you? What is this parchment?”

Su Yun’s mind was in chaos.

“Me? Hahahaha, boy, it’s been a long time since anyone asked that question! I am the Limitless Sword Master! Just asking, how did you get this <Limitless Sword Arts>?” The hoarse voice laughed as he asked this question.

Limitless Sword Master? Su Yun was suspicious, but said: “ In an Everlasting Tiger’s den!”

“Everlasting Tiger?” The voice asked with doubt.


“Boy, you cannot fool me! <The Limitless Sword Arts> is a supreme sword skill, comparable to precious artifacts, something that a plethora of people would die for! This is something that exists in the hands of a peerless master, why would it be in a little Everlasting Tiger’s den?”

“The Everlasting Tiger’s den had countless bodies, one which contained the parchment. But after looking at the skeleton, I found it was intact. There were no bite marks. Possibly, the man was already dead and the Everlasting Tiger dragged it into its den as food. However, the cultivation rank was too high and the Everlasting Tiger could not harm the corpse. Therefore, the tiger probably just gave up.”

After the old man heard this, he suddenly laughed: “So this was what happened…so be it…boy, consider yourself lucky! This treasure was unattainable without strength, but you were basically handed it for free! You are destined!”


“Yes!” The old man said: “My Limitless Sword Arts was powerful since the ancient times, a peerless sword skill, considered as heavenly sword-play techniques, one could rely on an one meter sword to slash through the heavens! If you are able to learn this method and the dormant me was called out naturally, then we are destined. You have seen the seven swords, where each sword represented one sword meaning of <The Limitless Sword Arts> within each body of the sword. All contained the base of the Sword Arts. I’m guessing, that corpse could not summon me, and continued to figure out the parchment. Then the person caught on fire from forcibly trying.”

“Caught on fire? What? Is it that <The Limitless Sword Arts> cannot be learned by just anyone who cultivates?”

“But I was dormant, the Sword Arts were incomplete, without the important parts, how would you actually practice the techniques?”

“Why is it like that?”

“Basically, I do not want evil cultivators to take this legendary technique. Without my approval, one can never practice this particular sword arts!”

“Then you recognized me?”

“You have not passed the test! Since I’m old, I could pick anyone mistakingly.”

“…….” Su Yun was silent, but could not help but ask: “What is your test?”

The old man laughed: “There were a dozen talented prodigies trying to get this sword art, but failed on my test. Some of their spiritual sense was higher than double the normal, all could be considered as a rare genius, but after they failed, they lost their talent, falling to mediocrity from a genius! So? Do you still want to accept my challenge to practice <The Limitless Sword Arts>?”

After hearing the old man’s words, Su Yun had a moment of silence.

There was a great deal of risk to this trial, but if Su Yun just practiced by himself, would he have enough strength to prevent Qing Er’s marriage? Would he be able to resist the Su Family influence?

Although he had many ideas for cultivation, he may not be able to solve everything with his experience of traveling throughout the continent for ten years.

“Is Limitless Sword Arts powerful?” Su Yun asked, after maintaining a long silence.

“For the four bottom-tiered swords, the person can be rated as a sword master. To be able train one sword, it can be used to defend against a hundreds enemies. Actually, to defend themselves, the cultivators of this technique can make hundreds of blades fly through the air, attacking everything. To practice two swords,  it can be used to defend against a thousand enemies, for three swords, it can be used to defend against ten thousand enemies. For four swords, you can use spirit sword techniques, thereby doubling your power.”

“To practice the two middle tiered swords, the person can be rated as sword saint, to practice one sword, the person control ten thousand swords, based on how much spirit qi the person have, he could control numerous swords. After mastering two swords, the person can create sword stars, however many stars in the sky, the person can create the same number of star swords.”

“For absolute mastery, it requires mastery of the top tiered sword, it is called sword god. Once mastered, the person has endless swords, is able to kill anything, and completely dominates the world. If you became a sword god, what will happen to the world? Every creature would submit to you.” Then the old man smiled and said: “But nowadays, very few people are able to train to four swords, other than my master. The strongest one was only able to train in the third sword of the four swords, but could defend against a thousand swords. While for the pair of swords, is not even a legend in my Limitless Sword Arts.”

“Is it difficult to practice? Is it possible for me?” Su Yun frowned.

“These are supreme sword arts, it is normal for them to be difficult to practice, but you know, even if you only mastered <Limitless Sword Arts> first sword, you are able to travel unhindered under the heavens and look down upon experts around the world. It is difficult for double fists to resists four hands. Four hands can only hold four swords, don’t even say a hundred swords, if your enemy can use a hundred flying swords, what will be the outcome?”

The elder’s words evoked thousands of thoughts in Su Yun’s head. In Su Yun’s head, there were thousands of swords in the grand scene killing ten thousand experts all controlled by Su Yun. His whole body was covered with blood, but he did not need to lift a finger.

Indeed, the martial arts of the world, offered many endless possibilities.  He had never heard of anyone controlling ten thousand flying swords, but these masters were scarce, very scarce. Most of these experts do not bother with the outside world, but for this type of strength to exist, even the ten million soldiers…have never heard of this.

Three years later, I may not be able to bring down the Profound Sky Sect or stop the events of the Su Family. I will have to try to learn the “<Limitless Sword Arts>.”

Su Yun clenched his fists and said: “ How can I start to learn the <Limitless Sword Arts>?”

“If you manage to pass the test, you can learn it. For decades, the Sword God Sect head has wandered the land to look for people that would be suitable candidates. However, he did not find any, while it has drawn villains and murderers to learn the “Limitless Sword Arts.” I remain as the guardian of the Limitless Sword Arts. This parchment is the scroll of the  “Limitless Sword Arts.”

“I see, but…you are the head, who was persecuted by the villains to this state…you should practice the  “Limitless Sword Arts,” right? You have a celestial body, why are you in this state?”

“Well, long story! In fact, I could have easily wiped out my ambushers, but…well, it is not worth mentioning! But this old man promise you, even if you reach to control only one sword, that will be enough. Boy, you are destined to meet me, I ask you, are you willing to accept my challenge to learn “Limitless Sword Arts.”

This is an opportunity.

However, everything relies on that the elder’s words are true. Su Yun did not know if the words were true or false, although he is very eager to practice. He knew nothing of the man, so he might even be harmed if he is not careful.

Su Yun hesitated.

“Are you afraid?” The elder asked.

“I cannot just brush off my fears.” Su Yun answered.

“Hahaha, good, good. I did not think this would happen. You might suffer a major loss if you understood the magnitude of the <Limitless Sword Arts>!” Laughed the old man, but after a moment, his face became serious and said: “ But, only once, if you miss it, you can never come back! You are worried that I would lie to you, harm you, but you understand that if you do decide to leave, I will give up. However, you will miss this opportunity! So….is this your decision? You accept the challenge? Or not?”

Su Yun took a deep breath, hesitation left his heart.

In the past, to gain strength, Su Yun used many dangerous methods, such as the devil techniques, why should he be afraid now?

“When do we start?” Su Yun asked.

“Oh! You accept?” The elder was surprised, but continued: “You will not ask what is the test about?”

“Since the decision is to learn the technique, I’m going all in. The content is not important, even if the test is hard, what do I have to lose?”

“Hahahahaha..” the Elder laughed, then continued: “ Good. Good. Good.

A straightforward personality, you really are fit to learn the sword arts! Your personality is not bad, but I’m afraid you might still have obsession in your heart! If you have obsession, you will be persistent, so you will not give up. After a millennium, I finally have a candidate! I hope you do pass the test!”

After the sound died down, the parchment suddenly burst into red flames, becoming extremely hot.

“The Sword Arts are placed on the ground.”

The elder said.

Su Yun acted casually.

While looking at the burning parchment, a golden round door suddenly appeared in front of Su Yun.

“To study <Limitless Sword Arts>, it is necessary to go through this challenge. Only after obtaining the object, can you truly practice the <Limitless Sword Arts>.”

“To truly practice the <Limitless Sword Arts>. What do you mean?”

“To truly use the power of the <Limitless Sword Arts>, when I taught the <Limitless Sword Arts> at my time, I did not understand the roots of the sword secrets among them, until it was too late. So go for the sword hilt!”

After hearing these words, Su Yun was suddenly aware of the sword hilts on the swords, but why was the sword hilt hidden in another realm?

“This is another realm, and the sword is on the fourth floor, quickly come!”

The elder said.

Su Yun gazed at the golden round door and stepped inside.


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