Chapter 7 Teaser


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Chapter 7 – The Limitless Seven Swords

“<The Limitless Sword Arts>? Who are you? What is this parchment?”

Suyun’s mind was in chaos.

“Me? Hahahaha, boy, it’s been a long time since anyone asked that question! I am the Limitless Sword Master! Just asking, how did you get this <Limitless Sword Arts>?” The hoarse voice laughed as he asked this question.

Limitless Sword Master? Suyun was suspicious, but said: “ In an Everlasting Tiger’s den!”

“Everlasting Tiger?” The voice asked with doubt.


“Boy, you cannot fool me! <The Limitless Sword Arts> is a supreme sword skill, comparable to precious artifacts, something that a plethora of people would die for! This is something that exists in the hands of a peerless master, why would it be in a little Everlasting Tiger’s den?”

Tl: The plot is moving 😀

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      • Ah, I thought maybe he just drunk or something which made him killed by the tiger.
        But look like there is deep story behind.
        Ah, I forgot to thank you.
        Thank you very much for translating this novel.
        The story is pretty good