Chapter 6 Teaser

Alright so here is the teaser for chapter 6 😀

As a side note, I found a new site for the raws, which is updated on my synopsis + index page if you want to check it out.

Be forewarned, the cliffhanger is worse after reading this

Chapter 6 – *title withheld*

Rankings of cultivators had a total of 10 realms. In order from: Spirit Novice Disciple,Spirit Intermediate Disciple, Spirit Core Disciple, Spirit Soul Disciple, Spirit Yang Disciple, Spirit Master, Spirit Sky Master, Spirit Emperor, Spirit Sage and Spirit Fairy.

Evidently, the Spirit novice disciples was respectful towards anyone of the existence of the ten realms. For a Spirit Emperor, he would only need to give respect to the five realms above his. However, for the realms after the fair realm, it was unknown, because no one had ever witnessed someone of that might.

Suyun’s body had a extremely rare disease, which many people determined was incurable. However, Suyun knows that Spirit Tiger blood combined with a special herb inside the Spirit Tigers would be the easiest way to begin curing his disease.

After arriving at the dead Everlasting Tiger’s den, Suyun brought out an antidote for fast consumption. Then he went inside….


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