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Chapter 6 – Limitless Sword Arts

Cultivators had a total of 10 realms. Starting from: Spirit Novice Disciple, Spirit Intermediate Disciple, Spirit Core Disciple, Spirit Soul Disciple, Spirit Star Disciple, Spirit Master, Sky Spirit Master, Spirit Emperor, Spirit Sage and Spirit Immortal.

Evidently, the Spirit novice disciples was respectful towards anyone of the existence of the ten realms. For a Spirit Emperor, he would only need to give respect to the five realms above his. However, for the realms after the fairy realm, it was unknown, because no one had ever witnessed someone of that might.

Su Yun’s body had a extremely rare disease, which many people determined was incurable. However, Su Yun knows that Spirit Tiger blood combined with a special herb inside the Spirit Tiger’s den would be the easiest way to begin curing his disease.

After arriving at the dead Everlasting Tiger’s den, Su Yun brought out an antidote for fast consumption. Then, he went inside…

There were scattered bones of spirit beasts inside the den, but that was not worrisome. The trouble was the noxious fumes still left inside the depths of the den.

Although the noxious fumes was not concentrated, the depths of the den were shrouded in it.

Every time Su Yun became dizzy from breathing in the noxious fumes, he would drink the antidote that he brought. Then, his head would clear up immediately.

After cautiously walking deeper into the den, he finally arrived at the edge of the den.

Before, when he was looking for an Everlasting Tiger, he specifically picked a male tiger, so there would be no cubs inside the den. Otherwise, Su Yun would have a difficult decision to make.

A pile of large white spirit beast bones entered Su Yun’s line of site. Situated in the middle of the pile of bones was an enchanting moss green flower.

Fierce White Flower!

This was no ordinary herb, because it only grew in the conditions of a spirit tiger den. To grow, the flower would need bones of spirit beasts and the noxious fumes the Everlasting Tiger emitted out. The current market value of the flower was at least three thousand spirit coins each!

After Su Yun found the flowers, he was overjoyed. He quickly stepped past the bones, pushed aside the bones and then carefully harvested the Fierce White Flower.

The Fierce White Flower was very enchanting. It was like a white lily that was overflowing with a succulent scent, but sweet scent was poisonous, and shouldn’t be breathed in.

Of course, the Fierce White Flower could not be taken directly as medicine, as that would mean certain death.

It was absolutely necessary to use tiger blood to wash the toxins residing in the flower before ingesting it. Otherwise, the flower was just another deadly herb.

Inside the den, it was shrouded in noxious fumes, so it was not a good place to ingest the medicine. Su Yun turned around and headed to leave the den.


Just then, something in the corner of the tiger den by the white bones caught Su Yun’s eye.

There was a skeleton that looked like it had died a long time ago. Its clothe and possessions were all corroded. The bones were dry and its foot was even broken. But what caught Su Yun’s attention was the parchment in the skeleton’s hand.

Its cause of death was not necessarily the Everlasting Tiger.

Su Yun quickly went to the skeleton to remove the parchment.

As he opened the parchment, he was surprised to find a strange inscription written on it.

The parchment was processed, and the strange inscription still looked shiny and magical, even after it had been worn out a bit.

“What is this?”

Su Yun looked right and left on the parchment.

The inscription on the parchment was unrecognizable, he had never seen it before.

Some of the patterns looked like dragon technique inscriptions, while others looked like demon technique inscriptions…

After scanning it for a few minutes, Su Yun still had no clue.

Never mind, I do not want to think about it. I will not dwell on this matter like life and death. Maybe I could ask some people in the main city to determine the origins.

In Su Yun’s mind, the parchment could probably make a nice profit as he quickly left the den.

After he found a quiet place, he took out the Fierce White Flower.

After the Fierce White Flower was harvested, it had to be used in one hour. Otherwise, the flower would wither away and disappear.

There was no more delay.

From top to bottom, the Fierce White Flower was washed.

The blood dried up as it seeped into the flower.

Then, he could ingest it.

The Fierce White Flower entered his stomach. Immediately, Su Yun sat down cross-legged, as the flower was being digested within minutes. The Fierce White Flower began to cure him of the disease that plagued his body.

His heart pace quickened.

After suffering for so long, it had finally ended.

As the flower was working, his abdomen began to heat up: growing hotter and hotter. It felt like someone from another planet came to light firewood in his stomach area. (Tl: just began to feel scorching hot)

This did not stop as the temperature steadily escalated for Su Yun. It began to feel like it was burning crazily.

Su Yun felt his whole body was being roasted and was very uncomfortable.

The medicine’s initial effect?

He shut his eyes, gritted his teeth as he endured the pain as large beads of sweat dripped down his cheeks.

He had never known the true effects of the Fierce White Flower. He only heard the recounts of people that had used it before.

To find an expert that used the Fierce White Flower on a patient was too difficult.

Nonetheless, the prescription should work, so Su Yun endured the heat.

There was only one easy cure for his condition: this flower. There was no other choice.

He did not just want to be an inferior existence of only a sixth stage cultivator.

He did not want to achieve nothing again.

He did not want to be muddle headed again.

He did not want to be looked down upon again.

He did not want to lack the power to protect anyone, especially those that are important to him.


Something in his body seemed to have exploded. Su Yun’s skin had become very red, like red hot iron in a blacksmith’s workshop.

Although he was still uncomfortable, he felt something was released from his body.

A familiar feeling caused him to feel joy and excitement!


Very Good!

Soon after the explosion, his body began to return to his original state. His original state was extremely skilled at sensing spirit qi.

It was this state that he had now.

Su Yun’s heart was in ecstasy as the effect of the flower continued as it was ingested.


The mysterious power of spirit qi sense did not stop. The phenomenal growth continued past his former self.

What was going on?

Su Yun did not know. Yet, he endured tenaciously, while his body felt like a large stove, scorching hot and making him uncomfortable.

His breathing began to become difficult and everything in his body was not in his control anymore.

What was wrong?

Su Yun suddenly opened his eyes, took deep breaths, but the strange symptoms on his body did not stop, instead, they intensified.

This medicine’s effect seemed to be controlling his body. The effect was quickly spreading through his body. Su Yun’s body began to feel like a time bomb, as long as the heat would reach a certain level, he felt that he would explode.


Just then, an odd noise sounded.

Then, the scorching feeling suddenly disappeared and the White Fierce Flower decomposed completely. The medicine previous effect did not leave a trace on Su Yun’s body, which seemed to replace his inner body with cool breezes.

Su Yun opened his eyes. In his heart, he was still surprised.

It ended just like that?

He casually closed his eyes and began to feel the spirit qi that returned to his body.

However, he was shocked by the result.

From feeling the spirit qi of his body, he was able to evaluate the direct effect on his talent from the medicine.

Ordinary people would feel only about 1% of their spirit qi, while people of beginner cultivation could feel about 3%. If one felt five percent, that person was usually considered as a genius. For example, Qing Er achieved at least that level to be considered as a genius.

This time, Su Yun’s spirit qi had doubled. Before, when his spiritual force was overwhelmly strong, people near his age who practiced would not be a match for him.

But now.

After Su Yun’s shocking find, his own mysterious spirit qi rating….it was actually many times stronger than when Su Yun was at his peak…

Shocked…he now had two times more talent than before?

Two Times!

“If he was still in Su Family, he would be considered a peerless genius that appeared once in a millennium!” Su Yun laments.

He did not expect that in addition to curing his illness, he would increase his talent.

“Genius? Could this be considered a genius? What a joke! You have never saw a true genius! My Sword God Sect minimum requirements was this…your ability is not that impressive.”

Just then, a hoarse voice said, as the sound emerged in Su Yun’s mind.

Su Yun face stiffened, and looked left and right, but did not find anyone.

“Who said that?” Su Yun asked.

“Boy, don’t try to find me, I’m in the <Limitless Sword Arts>!”

The sound once again came.

“Limitless Sword?”

Su Yun pondered for a bit, then suddenly, he thought of something. He quickly took out the piece of parchment he had.

The paper inscription suddenly emitted burst of bright gold light and the top of the demon beast pattern began to rearrange and restructure.

Some of the beast patterns began to disassemble into a hilt and some of the demon patterns decomposed into a blade. This magical scene was mysterious, yet amazing.

The process blinded him, the Seven Unique Shape Swords Pattern were created.

He stared and stared at the seven swords, but he could not move.

Looking at the swords, he saw a sickle like sword, like a lion’s body, some dazzling in brilliance, like moons and stars that were wrapped, an immense, imposing, figure of a hovering dragon…

At first glance, a person who was here would feel like he was in the middle of the universe and that person would find it difficult to pull away.

In this world, everything was dominated by the sword and mysterious spirit qi.

Almost instantaneously, Su Yun’s heart left him and he lost himself.

How sacred was this majestic sight?

Su Yun was shivering throughout his body, trying to withdraw the magical parchment.

Looking back at his past life’s experience, this was the first time he experience a scene like this, so he could not help but ask: “Is this it?”

“Did I not say it? <Limitless Sword Arts>!”

The sound originated from inside the parchment.


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