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Chapter 5: People Sneaking in the Night

His father was suspicious after Su Gui Mu returned injured, but did not delve deeper. Nonetheless, Su Yun’s display of strength was enough. Su Yun no longer feared of any retaliation from Su Gui Mu.

The next morning, Su Wang Cai brought the fire monkey blood to the hut.

Su Yun accepted the fire monkey blood after he propped himself up. Soon after, Su Wang Cai left and Su Yun began to quickly drink the fire monkey blood.

The fire monkey blood was an extremely expensive, top grade item, therefore, Su Yun’s body began to quickly recover.

Soon after, mostly recovered, Su Yun began to place the prepared meat into a sack. The blood was wrapped to avoid it from seeping out of the bag. Then, he took some steamed buns and a few rusted swords.

Once everything was ready, he headed for the marketplace.

Using the black spirit stallion he rented before, Su Yun went on the path to the city and sped away.

The black spirit stallion was a type of spirit stallion that had a large amount of spiritual strength, while sprinting, it solely relied on its spirit qi. In addition, the pace was quite fast comparable to a racing stallion.

The Su Family did not restrict anyone’s freedom, allowing free access to the territories outside of the Su Family. However, with the rampaging beast of the mainland, it was extremely difficult to survive in the wilderness. Once a person left the Su Family, they would be on their own, which meant that surviving would be an everyday struggle for them.

As a sixth stage cultivator, Su Yun did not even have the strength to kill the weakest beasts of the wilderness. Therefore, he could only follow the main path through the woods carefully, to avoid any trouble, and tried to hurry to his destination.

Nonetheless, as Su Yun travelled countless kilometers, he did encounter a few rampaging beasts. Therefore, he could only sneakily evade them as he quickly hurried to his destination.

Finally, after two days of riding the spirit stallion, he finally arrived at his destination…

The Tiger Plains!

Su Yun’s hut was about 500 kilometers away from the Tiger Plains.

His black spirit stallion was exhausted, so Su Yun pulled it to a clearing and tied it to a tree. Then, he found some fodder(TL: spirit stallion feed) for the spirit stallion. Afterwards, he then headed to the Tiger Plains.

The Tiger Plains was under the jurisdiction of the Immortal Sword Sect. Furthermore, this area was home to the Immortal Sword Sect’s Number One school of their seven schools.

If one did not have eighth stage cultivation, it would be suicide to try to enter the plains.

Here, countless vicious spiritual beasts ran amok, everywhere was dangerous, the area was covered by poisonous gas. If one makes a small mistake and encountered a spiritual beast that was too strong, that person would not even be able to escape.

Su Yun began to carefully enter the plains. The outer areas of the Tiger Plains did not contain spiritual beasts that would truly endanger to Su Yun, so he was safe for now.

He carefully treaded deeper into the plains and entered an open area.

The open area of the plains had a river flowing through. The flowing water was clear and did not have any monsters inside. The water seemed to be flowing into the sea.

Su Yun went to the side of the river and walked along it.


After the sudden sound, a rustling was approaching from the forest.

Su Yun’s face suddenly changed and quickly jumped into the river.


Su Yun began to dive.

Even with Su Yun’s skill, there was a problem with the meat he was carrying as he dived.

Utilizing some water repelling drops, they spread around the surrounding water, and began to create a shrouding mist that wrapped around him. This allowed the river’s water to become isolated from the tiger meat he was carrying.

On the shore stood a beast that contained a white body as big as a calf, with demon-like red eyes, sharp fangs, and a ferocious hellhound head. It was only a stage one spiritual beast, however, even ten Su Yun would be unable to compete with the beast.

The beast had smelled Su Yun’s scent and quickly rushed over.

However, Su Yun was currently underwater.

Many creatures of the Tiger Plains were not comfortable with water, many were even afraid of water. The river bend he was at protected his life.

The white hellhound stood a moment, but after seeing that Su Yun was not coming ashore, it turned to leave.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun swam for a few more minutes. Then, he turned towards the central plains shore and jumped out. He squeezed the water off his clothes and continued on foot.

On his way, he met a myriad of spiritual beasts. Fortunately, the same technique worked on these spiritual beasts he encountered. Nonetheless, it was not easy. Many of the spiritual beasts could cast magic, resulting in several splashes above the water where he swam. Luckily, the magic blasts never hit him.

Su Yun could only swim in the river, moving forward to his destination. If the shockwaves of a magic blast explosion hit his body, he could only grit his teeth in pain and continue. If he stopped, it would only mean death.

After laboriously swimming, experiencing countless dangers, after three hours, he finally reached his destination: Tiger Plains Center – Forbidden Tiger Emperor Grounds.

This forbidden grounds was off-limits to the beasts of the Tiger Plains, because there was an active spiritual beast king here. There was a spiritual beast of unknown realm at the grounds: Everlasting Tiger.

The tiger’s body was absolutely huge, the size of it was close to a few small rooms. It whole body was an eerily green. It had razor sharp claws and teeth. However, Su Yun’s biggest fear was the two holes by the mouth of the tiger, which could shoot out toxic gas that could erode through anything it touched.

Many people talked about coming here, but without core spiritual realm, they would not dare to set foot here.

After leaving the family’s home, Su Yun set out to accomplish a task for the family. Under the moonlight, he came across the tiger. It was a narrow escape, but luck was on his side. He had run across a team of adventurers that assisted Su Yun to escape the early jaws of deaths.

After accumulating experience, he was not afraid of the Everlasting Tiger a bit.

Everlasting Tigers usually had their lairs set up as a tilted burrow, which was in a very open area. This allowed the tiger to freely move about.

With his past experience, Su Yun quickly discovered two different burrows.


He did not dare come too close.

The famous Everlasting Tiger had absolute power. If Su Yun was found out, he would easily be caught. Even if Su Yun tried to escape into the water, the Everlasting Tiger would just poison the river with Su Yun in it.

Five hundred meters was the most suitable distance.

Because it was the plains, there were no trees or boulders obstructing Su Yun’s vision. As long as he could distinguish the tiger burrows, he could calculate the distance.

Soon after, Su Yun confirmed the location of his first tiger den.

However, one was not enough.

He marked the position and continued to search for his next tiger lair.

The Everlasting Tigers in the area divided the area and each owned their territory. A tiger must never lightly enter another tiger’s territory.

After an hour, on the back of the first marking, about five thousand meters away, Su Yun confirmed his second hole.

Not too far away, Su Yun could hear the bursts of sounds that resembled a tiger’s growl emitting from the den. The sound could make anyone nervous.

It seemed that this den had an Everlasting Tiger resting inside.

Su Yun got a stone and painted at roughly the distance between the location of the two dens. After calculating a few points, he then removed the tiger heart meat from his bag.

Tigers were low level core spiritual beast. Su Yun did not know the reason, but tigers loved to eat tiger heart meat and tearing the flesh from it.

Su Yun made some quick calculations after placing it the meat, then immediately turned toward the den without the tiger.

However, after only running a few steps, he heard a roar coming from behind him.

The Everlasting Tiger left his den?

Su Yun was startled.

He hurried to a stop, climbed up the side of a boulder, and looked towards the distance at a huge green body left the nest, ready to eat the food he left out.

Su Yun seeing this, immediately left a piece of the tiger heart meat on the ground and stared at the green tiger ready to leave the den. After taking a deep breath, he removed a bottle of Talcum, opened the cap and with all his strength, threw the bottle toward the distance.

As pink powder scent filled the air, the bottle flew in a parabolic shape towards the nest and landed not too far from it.


The bottle landed on the ground.

Ready to leave Everlasting Tiger raised his head to sniff the air and was enticed by the strange smell. He immediately dashed towards the boulder at a fast pace.

Near the boulder, the scent of tiger heart meat made the Everlasting Tiger’s mouth fill with drool.

A disc sized piece of tiger heart meat was on the ground!

The Everlasting Tiger growled with delight. It immediately opened its mouth and took a large bite out of the tiger heart meat. After a few savage chews, the black wolf blood oozed out of the tiger heart meat. The wolf blood filled his mouth and entered the two holes inside his mouth. It mixed with the gas and began to create a noxious liquid.

The tiger’s mouth began to feel very painful, as gas accumulated inside the two holes and needed to vent out. However, the gas flew into the tiger’s mouth because it was blocked by the food it ingested.

The tiger began to feel extremely uncomfortable. Its whole body felt as if it was boiling up, hunger ,restless was slowly rising and the gas filling up inside.

The sweet fragrance from the Talcum powder was still in the air.

The Everlasting Tiger immediately headed towards the source of the fragrance.

At the aroma’s source, Su Yun held open the lid to let the fragrance evaporate out.

As the distance between the two closed, he took out another piece of tiger heart meat and placed it on the ground.

Su Yun continued repeating this actions and maintained precise timing. This was very dangerous, the aroma that had to lure the Tiger needed to be place before the Tiger arrived, but not until after the Tiger had finished the tiger heart meat he was on. If he made a single mistake, the Everlasting Tiger would brutally rip apart Su Yun.

Before he almost used up all the spirit qi in his body to maintain his lead, he finishing placing his last piece of meat and threw the last bottle. Then he turned and fled.

Here, it was already the outskirts of Everlasting Tiger’s territory, and if other tigers were trespassing, it would have absolutely attacked. Usually tigers would quit before they reached other territories, but today was different.

During his past Flower Valley training, Su Yun discovered a classical recipe called: “Viscous Spirit Beast Medicine.”

Black wolf blood could be used as a drug. It would shortly enhance combat ability but the user would become extremely hungry and aggressive.

The recipe was very effective, but it had few uses. On the contrary, today, it did a great favor for Su Yun.

The wolf blood mixed with tiger’s toxin must be equal, thereby causing starvation and eagerness to fight. When each piece was eaten, the aroma would lure it to the next piece. The process was very important.

After Su Yun’s last bottle was thrown, the roars was perhaps too close for comfort. The Everlasting Tiger was closer than it should have been.

Nonetheless, after Su Yun threw the bottle into the air, Everlasting Tiger was much more enticed by the tiger heart meat. It would not even care about Su Yun at the moment even if it could sense Su Yun’s presence.

They were delicious!

As soon as the Everlasting Tiger saw another piece of meat, it would accelerate its pace, as more liquid accumulated in its bloody mouth.

As this Everlasting Tiger neared the piece of meat, another ferocious roar came from the vegetation. Another tiger had come out directly walking towards the Everlasting Tiger.

The two tigers immediately began to engage in a death match.

On one end was a tiger that was angry of another tiger that trespassed its territory. On the other end was a Everlasting Tiger fighting for food, drugged with wolf blood and armed with poison. The two began to crazily fight each other. Claws were flying through the air, the radius of a few hundred meters had become the battleground.

Meanwhile, Su Yun was hiding very far away, quietly waiting.

For safety’s sake, he was very far away. He could not see the fight and only judged by the deafening bursts of roars and claws slashing.

This fight was fought until dusk, the ground shook, poison gas shrouded the fight, and the powerful clashes scared away any creatures that were too close.

After four hours, the roar and sounds of battle began to gradually weaken.

In the battle of two tigers, there was heavy injury, but under the mixing of black wolf blood and the Everlasting Tiger’s poison effect, the result was obvious. The Everlasting Tiger died.

Su Yun, who had been hiding nearby, waited for a few hours. After it was getting dark, the toxin had finished evaporating. He rushed out of his hiding place and ran towards the fighting grounds.

The earth itself was glowing green of tiger blood, but in the open, was a absolutely battered dead tiger, its eyes were pulled open, covered in bite and claw marks, with blood still flowing out.

Su Yun hastily removed a prepared bottle, and rushed to fill it with tiger blood. He filled bottle after bottle. The bottle of tiger blood had great medicinal value, it was a “fine high-end blood red”  material, worth five hundred Spirit coins. The bladder of the tiger was worth at least one thousand Spirit coins, because it had nourishing properties. It could increase a cultivators speed of cultivation. Furthermore, the spiritual core of the tiger was the most coveted part of them all. Although it could only be used once. If swallowed, it could directly increase a person’s cultivation stage. The price was at least four thousand spirit coins.

After completely harvesting the remains of the tiger, he carefully wrapped his harvest in special cloths, so they would not be spoiled.

After finishing up, Su Yun did not directly leave. Instead, he walked towards the den of the dead tiger.


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