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Chapter 4 – Mysterious Devil Technique

This voice, it’s Su Gui Mu.

The tone was furious, Su Gui Mu’s daytime intimidation was nothing compared to the seething anger he portrayed right now.

Although the Qing Er was an inner sect disciple, she was still a commoner. This meant that in the main house, she did not have power and could not directly interfere in internal family matters, so Su Gui Mu was unafraid of Su Yun’s earlier threats.

Looking at Su Gui Mu’s complexion, he saw that he was pouring out killing intent.

If Su Gui Mu took action tonight, there would be no consequences. Right now, Su Yun was disabled, kicked out of his home, had low status, and no money. Even if Su Yun died, nobody would even bat an eye.

Time was of the essence, there cannot be any more surprises.

Su Yun’s heart began to beat faster. Then he jumped to the table, picked up the black wolf blood left on top of the table, dipped his finger in it and put on his clothes.


Su Yun began to paint a skull on his shirt.

His movements were quick, skilled and soon a demon skull pattern appeared on his chest.

Demon school basic ghost technique: Ghost Skull Array. The pattern was extremely simple, even a sixth stage disciple such as Su Yun could easily utilize the technique. Using the chest area as the origin, the blood as the medium, and the surrounding ghost skull array to activate the technique. This technique accessed the power within the body, making a powerful aura, and resulting in the body becoming blood crimson, multiplying the user’s strength. However, this technique would only last for ten minutes, resulting in the user fainting because it used the user’s blood to fuel power for the technique. Afterwards, the user would require a lot of blood to recover.

The Immortal Sect would never teach this technique, it was exclusive to demon sect disciples. Especially since the technique was reckless and very simple. This is why the Immortal Sect tried to eliminate these types of techniques, because these techniques would cause a shift in power.

Because of the rare disease that Su Yun had, this odd ghost technique was very familiar to him. Su Yun had practiced many different types of techniques that did not rely on his cultivation stage.

After completing the Ghost Skull Array, Su Yun poured his spirit qi into it, activating the technique. Su Yun’s body immediately began to turn crimson, sweat began to pour out, and his eyes began to give off a faint blood-red, gaining a sinister look.


The door was rudely broken open.

Piles of people rushed in.

“Su Gui Mu.”

Su Yun breathed heavily, while the men began to pour inside his little hut.

The people rushing in were stunned by Su Yun’s crimson skin, causing them to become cautious.

Su Gui Mu asked in a trembling voice: “Su Yun, you….what did you do?”

“Why have you charged into my home in the middle of the night?”

Su Yun asked while enduring the pain caused by his blood being consumed by the technique.

Hearing Su Yun, Su Gui Mu frowned: “Of course to collect the money you owe me! You owe me so many spirit coins and today, I will collect them!”

“Did we not agree to wait?”

“Wait? Wishful thinking! To tell you the truth, even if Qing Er goes to the main house to complain, I am not afraid. Therefore, either kneel down, beg for mercy and pay me back or I will cripple you! I will turn you into the useless trash that you really are! Choose!”

Su Gui Mu spoke with an arrogant smile.

He was determined to punish Su Yun!

Su Yun remained silent.

After a moment, he asked.

“Is there no third choice?”

“No!” Su Gui Mu answered.

“Then I will make one!” Su Yun responded.

“Make one?” Su Gui Mu paused for a moment.

As he was looking at Su Yun, Su Yun moved as fast as lightning and rushed towards him.

Su Yun’s spirit qi exploded out, his body’s spirit qi flowed outwards like a flood had broken through a dam.

“Excellent movement technique, young master……is he really only sixth stage?”

One of the subordinates exclaimed.

The others did not even have time to give a remark, because at that moment Su Yun’s fist had already reached Su Gui Mu’s chest.


Su Gui Mu was caught off guard and directly flew out the door. As he fell down hard on the ground, he spat a mouthful of blood and barely kept himself from fainting.



Everyone was completely stunned!

Although Su Gui Mu was not a genius, he was still at seventh stage cultivation compared to Su Yun’s trash sixth stage cultivation. However, Su Gui Mu was grievously wounded with only one punch from Su Yun!

This was only possible for disciples of early ninth stage cultivation, but it was hard for even peak eighth stage cultivation.

But….how could Su Yun do it?

“Young master!!!”

After the members recovered, they rushed to prop Su Gui Mu up.

None dared to provoke Su Yun.

After the bout, they knew that if they attacked Su Yun, they would suffer the same or even worse than Su Gui Mu.

Although it was a trick, it managed to fool Su Gui Mu’s six members.

If Su Yun was a ninth stage cultivator, the members would not be a match for him.

“You… could you have such strength?”

A guy called Su Wang Cai asked with shock and hostility in his eyes as he stared at Su Yun.

“Why can’t I have this kind of strength?”

“You….obviously because you are only a sixth stage cultivator.” Su Gui Mu got up wiping the blood from his mouth, then he weakly said with resentment: “ However, you dared to hurt me! Su Yun! Fine! Maybe I underestimated you, but I will make you suffer a miserable death!”

“You want to get back at me?” Su Yun asked.

“Why do I have to do it? I can just ask my father…..he will let Su regulatory law punish you!”

“You guys are sorely mistaken!” Su Yun shook his head.

“How? With my father’s influence, how couldn’t take care of you?” Su Gui Mu asked.

“Of course he could!” Su Yun said.

“Hahahahaha, this is really funny!” Su Gui Mu laughed out loud.

“Su Yun, maybe you have evaded punishment two times now. However, the end result is still the same. What can you do against the people from major powers?”

A short bearded man disdainfully said.

“It is like a mantis trying to stop a carriage or like ants trying to shake a tree!” (TL: basically, someone trying to do the impossible)

Several people sneered.

But Su Yun did not appear angry, he only gazed at the crowd, put on a hesitant look, and then said: “It is a secret, the master of the house did not let me speak about this. However, today the secret will have to come out.”

Everyone’s smiling face disappeared.

“You should know that the last strength test, I was only ranked at sixth stage cultivation. In fact, it was fake! I had already entered that realm a long time ago. The so-called sixth stage trash is only what outsiders know! Why do I hide this? This is because I am the Su Family’s secret weapon!”

“Secret….Weapon?” Su Gui Mu was flabbergasted.

“Yes!” Su Yun said: “This is something that a very only a few trusted people know about, I am not sure, but if you remove me, then your family will most likely be banished from the Su Family! After all, the Su Family promised me no harm as long as I remained a secret weapon. Nonetheless, I gave you face, otherwise you would be dead! I only punched you and caused some minor injuries. To kill you, it is as simple as killing an ant. Easy!”

After the words were said, everyone was terrified.

Su Gui Mu looked at his surrounding subordinates in confusion.

“Young master, he……what he said is probably true. There is no way he is only at sixth stage cultivation, otherwise that punch would have not injured you so badly….uh….”

“If what he said is true, then we must be careful of provoking Su Yun now…..he may contain even more secrets!”

“I…..we’ll withdraw quickly, so we will not further provoke this guy!”

The nearby members of Su Gui Mu’s group did not care about Su Gui Mu’s mission anymore. They only tried to persuade Su Gui Mu to leave!

“But… this it?” Su Gui Mu was still unsatisfied.

One punch caused this?

However, what will be the result? Su Yun just spared him! A sixth stage cultivator can seriously wound a seventh stage cultivator to brink of death? Is he really an outer sect disciple? He must be hiding his power, what he said is probably true! Master, we have to tolerate the humiliation, so we will leave.

“Quickly men! Help me up!” Su Gui Mu said as he gritted his teeth.

“Yes….Yes sir.” The group led by Su Gui Mu all turned to leave.


Su Yun suddenly shouted.

Everyone shivered. Su Gui Mu stared at Su Yun with a complex gaze.

“What more….what more do you want?” Su Gui Mu hissed.

“The part of me being a secret weapon, do not go proclaiming it to everyone, otherwise, if a person from the main house heard of it, do not expect to keep on living!”

Su Gui Mu and his group all shivered and nodded.

“Tomorrow morning, bring a pound of fire monkey blood, otherwise, I will not forget this matter!”

Su Yun continued.

“A pound of fire money blood?” Su Gui Mu almost spat out his words. “It will take five thousand spirit coins!”

Fire monkeys were very precious and rare. Therefore, the blood was even more rare and expensive. Su Yun was asking for a pound, Su Gui Mu could not believe Su Yun’s audacity.

“I will use it for cultivating. Count it as the item that you will give to me for sparing your life. You do not agree? You even look reluctant? Do not provoke me or I will take something much more important.”

Su Yun said with indifference, but everyone present could tell he was threatening Su Gui Mu and his group.

Su Gui Mu’s heart filled with regret, but how could he offend Su Yun right now? Su Gui Mu could only bear his anger and quickly leave.

Soon, the hut returned to its tranquil atmosphere.

But after the group left, Su Yun collapsed on the ground….


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