Donations Event! (Optional)


Okay, firstly, this is completely optional, so if you don’t want to donate, just ignore this post. (It’s not a chapter)

However, for the people that might want to donate here is the rundown:

The event runs from: August 7 to August 12.

The set amount is $30/chapter, so I will do the weekly regular chapter + any sponsored chapter if it reaches $30. This is me basically working at a rate of $10/hr, so I would consider it pretty fair for you guys.

After August 12, I will retract the $30/chapter requirement, since I probably will not have extra time to guarantee a sponsored chapter.

Okay, here is the event part, though. For sponsored chapter 1, it is $5.00, for chapter 2, it is $15.00 and chapter 3+ it is $30.00 each.  (Already achieved by Ricardo :D)

Again, this is entirely optional, but if you would like to help me out (money most likely used for college textbooks….-_-) or you just want faster chapters for a bit, I’ll give the option to donate.

Remember, this event ends August 12, since I want to be able to finish completing the sponsored chapters before the end of the weekend (August 15 weekend)

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