Donations Event! (Optional)

Okay, firstly, this is completely optional, so if you don’t want to donate, just ignore this post. (It’s not a chapter)

However, for the people that might want to donate here is the rundown:

The event runs from: August 7 to August 12.

The set amount is $30/chapter, so I will do the weekly regular chapter + any sponsored chapter if it reaches $30. This is me basically working at a rate of $10/hr, so I would consider it pretty fair for you guys.

After August 12, I will retract the $30/chapter requirement, since I probably will not have extra time to guarantee a sponsored chapter.

Okay, here is the event part, though. For sponsored chapter 1, it is $5.00, for chapter 2, it is $15.00 and chapter 3+ it is $30.00 each.  (Already achieved by Ricardo :D)

Again, this is entirely optional, but if you would like to help me out (money most likely used for college textbooks….-_-) or you just want faster chapters for a bit, I’ll give the option to donate.

Remember, this event ends August 12, since I want to be able to finish completing the sponsored chapters before the end of the weekend (August 15 weekend)



  1. This is pretty smart. hahaha. You should do like discount week too. ahaha!!


    1. yaoz889 says:

      We’ll see 😀


    2. yaoz889 says:

      Anyways I did like a discount thing, lol


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