Chapter 4 Teaser


Also as a side note, I now use google drive to translate, so no chance of me losing translation anymore guys 😀

So here is teaser for chapter 4

TL: Be warned, your first cliffhanger guys, read at your own risk 😛

Chapter 4 – Mysterious Ghost Technique

This voice, it is Suguimu.

The tone was furious, Suguimu’s daytime intimidation was nothing compared to the seething anger he portrayed right now.

Although the Qing Er was an inner sect disciple, but she was a commoner. This meant that in the main house, she did not have power and could not directly interfere in internal family matters, so Suguimu was unafraid of Suyun’s earlier threats.

Looking at Suguimu’s complexion, he was pouring out killing intent.

If Suguimu took action tonight, there would be no consequences. Right now, Suyun was disabled, kicked out of his home, had low status, and no money. Even if Suyun died, nobody would even bat an eye.

Time was of the essence, there cannot be any more surprises.

Suyun heart began to beat faster. Then he jumped to the table, picked up the black wolf blood left on top of the table, dipped his finger in it and put on his clothe.


Suyun began to paint a skull on the shirt of his chest.

His movements were quick, skilled and soon a demon skull pattern appeared on his chest.



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  2. dang big teaser lol!


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    But… what could this blood painting help him out with…?


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      everyone fear pirate


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      title gives a hint


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