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Chapter 3 – The Appearance of a Fellow Traveler

Su Gui Mu was flabbergasted at Su Yun’s ability to negotiate. Although Su Gui Mu’s family was very influential, they still had many enemies. If word of this got out, his enemies could easily bring his family down from it’s position. Su Gui Mu just did not want to risk it.

But right now, the casino does not have a cover-up plan for this matter.

Su Yun quickly headed back to his home to begin to cultivate using the materials he bought.

Although his cultivation was not high, his countless years of experience in the world of his past gave him a huge advantage. He had a deep understanding of the methods for cultivating now.

For repairing his meridians, he researched almost every field. His understanding of the body far surpassed most veteran cultivators.

Especially for medicine, Su Yun could be even considered a master, even if it is only barely. In the countless years he travelled the world of his past, he practiced with many renowned cultivators and doctors for repairing his meridians. After years of sweat and toil, his accomplishments for his own body was not to scoff about.

Despite his poor cultivation talent, Su Yun still had an impressive learning capability for memory and understanding capability.

Nonetheless, cultivation speed was not based on learning ability. His body was still damaged.

But that was the problem in his later years. Right now, he already knows how to cure his condition. He will use the herbs to quickly heal himself, so he can finally begin cultivating.

After he finishes curing his condition, his talent will be able to come back.

These were Su Yun’s thoughts in his heart.

However, as he neared his hut, a low growl reached his ears.

Su Yun glanced at the origin of the sound. He saw a luxurious carriage pulled by a beast with a huge purple body the size of a cow and two large horns.

The purple beast emitted a mighty aura, his body seemingly filled with energy, comparable to the legendary spiritual beasts of the wild. This beast was also very loyal and only recognized one master in its entire life. The purple horned beast is said to be able to pull a 400 kg carriage easily. It could act as a horse to pull a carriage, but also give adequate protection when needed. Therefore, this beast was very expensive, which the rich could only afford.

Su Yun glanced over the yellow sign on the carriage and immediately knew the person who came over.

As he carried his materials, he slowly walked towards his hut.


The hut door was slowly pushed open.

Before the worn out table, there was an old-haired elder sitting while drinking tea from a chipped cup.

Su Yun looked over the the white haired elder, then at the luxurious carriage parked outside, eyes shaking a little and quickly closed the door.

“Su Gongzai, long time no see, how are you doing?”

The white elder straightened up and faced Su Yun with respect.

“The white elder sees my current embarrassing situation, what would you like to talk about? For you to personally come, it must be something important, right?”

Su Yun placed his materials on the floor as he talked.

The white elder’s eyes flashed with doubt as he swept his eyes on the materials, but did not inquire about the purpose of the materials, instead he went straight to the point: “ For today, I only have one thing to talk to you about.”

“Do tell.”

Su Yun gave a genuine smile, waiting for the response.

The white elder gently took a white envelope from his breast pocket and placed it on the table.

“This is a parchment that is worth thirty thousand spirit coins, which will be honored by any one of the banks in the prefecture.” The white elder continued: “Today, I came in accordance with the mission given to me by Miss with a message to convey to you. Miss was already adored by the Immortal Sword Sect and was announced as the heir. I am afraid that the future spiritual partner will elect others for candidates of marriage and therefore, I want you to lift the marriage. This envelope, will……be your compensation.”

Su Yun held his silence.

It seemed that the White Family has come.

The Su Family and White Family were comparable to each other, but the Immortal Sword Sect was much more powerful. It had hundred of thousands of sects with the influence much more far-reaching than the two families.

Miss of White House is extremely gifted, which fit your peerless talent before. However, you have lost everything and Miss of White House still retained her talent, so the only result is the dissolution of marriage between you two. Now Su Yun, you have nothing, no talent, no status, not even enough food or clothing, how can Miss of White House become your bride?”

While Su Yun opened his bag of materials he bought today, he said: “Take the money away!”

The white elder’s face changed to a cold expression: “You do not agree?”

“I agree.” Su Yun said in an unmoved and calm manner and continued: “However, in order to officially dissolve the marriage, we need the people affected by the issue to come personally and ask for it.”

After the white elder heard these words, a look of surprise arrived on his face. He thought for a moment, nodded and then walked towards the door of the hut.

He quickly walked outside to the carriage and went towards the window. Then the white elder gave a salute by the window.

After a moment, the curtain of embroidered silk was lifted and a woman wearing a light yellow sleeved dress went down the steps of the carriage.

The woman looked beautiful. She had perfect facial features, a well proportioned shoulder and waist, skin the color of creamy white orchids, and eyes like gemstones. She naturally emitted a charmful aura. She was a woman that would cause men around her to naturally care for her.

As she lightly walked towards the hut, if you looked carefully, you could see a slender sword under the embroidered sleeves of her dress.


The door was pushed open.

Inside was Su Yun, who was still sorting out the materials he bought for cultivation. He did not even give her a glance as she entered the hut.

Bai Yan was not angry at all.

In her opinion, Su Yun was perhaps disguising his feelings.

The youth in front of her was had a piece of tiger heart meat on the table and began to use a knife to poke a small hole through it. Then he removed the wolf blood and began to pour it into the small hole and continued these actions.

What was he doing?

She did not understand, but she really didn’t care.

“I want to dissolve the marriage.”

The clear and pleasant words hung in the air, like a spring breeze blowing through.

After she said those words, she stared at Su Yun, waiting for a response.

However, there was no change in Su Yun’s expression, he did not even frown.


A word came out.

It was bland and did not cause any ripples.

Bai Yan was stunned.

She did not understand why Su Yun even seemed happy.

“……You promise?”

She was not confident as she asked these words.


Su Yun’s expression remained aloof.

Bai Yan eyebrows creased.

I do not know why, but she felt this person was not the useless person as in the rumours. He did not seem like the gambler and alcoholic the rumours described. Why did the actual person and the rumours differ so much?

Well, forget it.

She then placed the white envelope gently on the table.

“Take the money away!” Su Yun shouted.

“You do not need it?” Bai Yan asked.

“Yes.” Su Yun responded.

“Why? Do you want to save face in front of me?” Bai Yan could not help but sneer: “ I heard you owe Su Gui Mu a lot of money, but your gambling money is dwindling. It is sufficient for you to use this thirty thousand to pay Su Gui Mu back right?”

“It’s not arrogance or conceit, but my principle. My actions have come to a stop and violated my principle, so I must change.” Su Yun said.

“Well, since you insist, I hope you do not regret it!” Bai Yan took the money and turned away to walk out the exit.


Su Yun suddenly said.

“Bai Yan’s eyebrows raised as she turned turned back towards him: “What else do you have to say?”

“I just want to say one more thing.”

“Okay, say it.”
“I hope you do not regret it.”

Su Yun finished.

But in Bai Yan’s ears, she was unimpressed.

She did not say anything and turned to leave the hut. She did not take the last thing he said to heart at all.


After a while, the purple beast began to move and the carriage began to speed away.

Su Yun heart remained very calm, for this was only a small episode of his life. It did not affect him much. Even in his previous life, he had forgotten about the White House.

He did not even care for his own woman, how could he care for Bai Yan?

Su Yun shook his head and continued to pound the tiger heart meat on table. He continued until the black wolf blood thoroughly permeated into the meat. He repeated his actions like a machine: poking holes, injecting blood, beating and repeat…

After a day of hard work, he stopped and went to bed.

If he could not cure his disease, cultivating was futile. His only way to was quickly find ways to cure his condition.

“Hurry! Hurry! Bastard, he actually dared try to trick me! In a bit, everyone should use their full strength and give this guy a proper beating! We will beat him to death today!”

Just as Su Yun was about to go to sleep, one shrill clamor came from outside. Then, he heard the rustling of footsteps coming towards his hut.

Su Yun’s eyes widened, suddenly jumped out of bed and looked outside.


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