Current Schedule (Not a chapter)

Hey guys! Great to see more people coming here after posting on reddit :D, thanks for the suggestion Notren. Anyways here is the current situation. Overall, I can guarantee only one chapter per week based on my current speed. Once college begins again (in like 11 days) I will probably only be at max able to do 1 chapter per week after college starts back up. But…..

Therefore, I might have extra releases before the end of summer. Maybe 1 or more chapter(s). Anyways thanks for the support guys, but can I ask you guys a favor?

Just post on other sites like royalroadl or japtem or other novel discussion sites about my site if possible? As long as the viewership increases, my motivation to translate will not dwindle :D.

P.S. well if you read this far, his is a tidbit of info: CH3 will probably be out early, maybe this thursday 😛