Chapter 3 Teaser

Chapter 3  – The Appearance of a Fellow Traveler

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Suguimu was flabbergasted at Suyun’s ability to negotiate. Although Suguimu’s family was very influential, they still had many enemies. If word of this got out, his enemies could easily bring his family down from it’s position. Suguimu did not want to risk it.

But right now, the casino does not have a cover-up plan for this matter.

Suyun quickly headed back to his home to begin to cultivate using the materials he bought.

Although his cultivation was not high, his countless years of experience in the world of his past gave him a huge advantage. He had a deep understanding of the methods for cultivating now.

For repairing his meridians, he researched almost every field. His understanding of the body far surpassed most veteran cultivators.

Especially for medicine, Suyun could be even considered a master, even if it is only barely. In the countless years he travelled the world of his past, he practiced with many renowned cultivators and doctors for repairing his meridians. After years of sweat and toil, his accomplishments for his own body was not to scoff about.

Despite his poor cultivation talent, Suyun still had an impressive learning capability for memory and understanding capability.

Nonetheless, cultivation speed was not based on learning ability. His body was still damaged.

But that was the problem in his later years. Right now, he already knows how to cure his condition. He will use the herbs to quickly heal himself, so he can finally begin cultivating.



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