Chapter 12 Teaser

Alright here is how release schedule will usually work. Since my classes are stacked on Tuesday, Wednesday (Afternoon-evening) and Thursday, I will usually release on Fridays/Saturdays and Wednesday (morning New York time). So far, I’m able to translate for like 20-45 min/day without getting bored. At max, I can do like a bit over an hour…

First Month Recap

Hey everyone here are the stats for Soaring Translations first month.

Chapter 11 Teaser

Alright, I updated the manga link, since the previous site did not load for me, although it still only goes up to chapter 15. (Raw Manga Click Here!, also on the index page) Also, I will be post the site’s stats today (In like a 8-12 hours), since it has been one month since I started…

Chapter 10 Teaser + Poll results

Alright the survey is now closed and here are the results: So here is how the poll modified the release schedule. I will still do like 1 chapter/week, but the releases will probably be 1 – 3 days earlier than the set release date. Of course, the next release will then be moved up also….