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Chapter 12 Release


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Chapter 12 Teaser


Alright here is how release schedule will usually work. Since my classes are stacked on Tuesday, Wednesday (Afternoon-evening) and Thursday, I will usually release on Fridays/Saturdays and Wednesday (morning New York time).

So far, I’m able to translate for like 20-45 min/day without getting bored. At max, I can do like a bit over an hour and I need to stop. Anyways, that is just how it is, so release might be fast during Fridays, but slower during the midweek.

I also work 18 hours during weekend, so that’s why weekend I can’t increase translation speed.

Anyways here is the teaser. (warning: worst cliffhanger so far)


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Chapter 11 Teaser


Alright, I updated the manga link, since the previous site did not load for me, although it still only goes up to chapter 15. (Raw Manga Click Here!, also on the index page)

Also, I will be post the site’s stats today (In like a 8-12 hours), since it has been one month since I started translating, wow! Already one month.

Anyways, I seem to be on schedule, new chapter should be up on Monday at latest, possibly earlier, but don’t count on it.

Anyways here is the teaser, read at your own risk . (The cliffhanger gets worse….lol)


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