Chapter 1 Release

Oh my god, this chapter was soooooo long..It took forever. I suck at Chinese so bad……lol. Well I got the chapter out by today at least right guys. Hope you provide some feedback for me. I have one part, where I can’t seem to figure out the actual translation, maybe someone could help a brother out? Also, I think the handsome guy’s name is Mosha, not sure, I’ll leave it in the notes: TL (translation notes)

without further a due, here is the chapter, enjoy 😀

5.0 hrs of translating in total, I have new respect for the translators of wuxiaworld, gravitytales, etc……


Chapter 1 – The Trash Master and Phoenix Maid

It was a cold night. In a shabby hut, a candle was flickering.

Inside the simple and cramped room of the hut, there was only a single bed and chair. Near the bedside, there was a young girl wearing a plain white military uniform, who was gazing at the young man on the bed with a pained face full of tears.

The man, whose pale blue eyes were closed shut, was in a coma.


Slight delay for release of chapter 1

There will be a slight delay on the release of the chapter, it will probably be done at 6:00 pm EST (GMT -5:00), so basically in 1 hour. Sorry about that, seems the first chapter is like 2x longer than a regular chapter…o.o

Time to get the translation started!

Alright, so I picked up a project for translation, the first release will be in 2-3 days. This wordpress site will have a lot of bugs for now, so if you just visit the forums in the chapters, it should be fine. I will give a notice to anyone on the status of the website…

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Alright, so this is the first post. Hopefully, I can start translating very soon. Now just got to pick a Chinese novel and get started 😀